Battery Powered Cordless Hedge Trimmer Buyers Guide

In this buyers guide for cordless battery hedge trimmers we aim to help you find the machine which is most suitable for your gardening requirements. We will look at all the common considerations which will influence your decision including hedge type, price, build quality, weight and battery efficiency. We will then list our own chosen top ten battery powered cordless hedge trimmers using the two best cordless hedge trimmers in each of the listed five categories – hedge type, price, build quality, weight and battery efficiency.

Here is a comparison table showing the most popular electric lawnmowers currently being sold on Amazon in the UK.

Cordless Hedge Trimmer Specifications Demystified

As an introduction to this buyers guide we thought it best to list the most common terms used by the manufacturers to describe their cordless hedge trimmer specifications (spec.) and explain in plain English what each term means and how it will effect your buying choice.

  • Voltage – As a rule of thumb, the higher the voltage the more powerful the tool and the heavier the battery.
  • Amp Hours; AH; Battery Capacity – Generally the higher the number the longer the battery will last.
  • Blade length – This usually means the overall length of the cutting blade. Longer blades will cut more hedge in less time
  • Cutting capacity – This usually means the maximum diameter of branches which the trimmer can cut through. It will usually be given as a figure in millimeters
  • Weight – Just make sure you take into account both the machine weight and the battery weight!

One other frequently mentioned aspect is the “cut” of the blade – with the most common being “laser cut or “diamond ground”. Laser cut is mainly an advantage for the manufacturer, but should give the consumer a cheaper tool – laser cutting enables the mass production of sharp blades for a lower price than traditional forging and sharpening. Diamond ground blades may be more expensive but they should be longer lasting.

Cordless Hedge Trimmers for Different Hedge Types

Power hedge trimmers are suitable for medium to small leafed hedges such as  privet (leylandi) and box shrub (buxus). They are also good for conifer hedges. We recommend trimming larger leafed hedges such as laurel with a pair of hand held hedge shears since power trimmers shred the large leaves leaving a ragged appearance.

If you have a tall hedge then you will probably want to invest in a telescopic hedge trimmer. For a long tall thick hedge you will want a robust machine with a long battery life and a higher cutting width and longer blade. Smaller hedges can be managed with a lighter weight smaller hedge trimmer.

Cordless Hedge Trimmer Price

Usually the more you pay, the better the machine; but you may not need an expensive cordless hedge trimmer if you only have a medium sized hedge which you keep on top of with regular (3-4 times per year) trimmings. There are a large number of low cost cordless hedge trimmers on the market nowadays which do a perfectly good job for domestic use.

Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer for Price

The best cordless battery powered hedge trimmer for value that we’ve selected in the UK in 2020 is the

VonHaus Cordless Hedge Trimmer/Cutter with 20V MAX Battery

This cordless battery powered hedge trimmer from VonHaus offers excellent value for money. You can see it has been specially designed to give a low priced machine with a lower spec which is perfectly adequate for domestic use. By lower spec I mean for instance the “laser cut blades” which are cheaper to make than “diamond ground” but are more than adequate for you to keep your own hedge in trim and even to lend to your neighbour 🙂

The best cheapest cordless battery powered hedge trimmer  that we’ve selected in the UK in 2020 is the

NETTA Ultra-Light Cordless Hedge Trimmer 

Retailing for about £43 with a battery and charger NETTA have produced a really cheap cordless hedge trimmer. It is very light weight and may feel a bit flimsy but still gives a good performance and is an  ideal cordless hedge trimmer for older gardeners who want a light weight machine. Even if not built for longevity if it only gives a season or two of use you will have more than got your moneys worth.

Cordless Hedge Trimmer Build Quality

Generally the older more established brands will have a better build quality than the new entrants to the garden machinery markets. When buying a more expensive cordless hedge trimmer part of what you are paying for will be better cast plastic casing and metal parts. A better cast plastic case is more likely to survive being dropped and quality metal parts will last longer. As mentioned above though, if you are doing light weight domestic hedge trimming a few times each year, the cheaper “entry level” models should suffice.

The best cordless battery powered hedge trimmer for build quality if price isn’t an issue that we’ve selected in the UK in 2020 is the


Many professional gardeners will swear by Stihl’s petrol powered garden machinery and Stihl have taken their reputation for absolute top quality into battery powered gardening machinery too. This cordless battery powered hedge trimmer from Stihl offers amazing build quality, power and performance. With a massive 33mm tooth spacing and special high stroke rate this hedge trimmer will make mince meat of large unruly hedges. The powerful AP200 battery can last up to two hours on a single charge and a  Stihl AL300 Quick Charger is also included in the £600 price.

The best cordless battery powered hedge trimmer for build quality if price is an issue that we’ve selected in the UK in 2020 is the:

BLACK+DECKER GTC36552PC-GB Cordless Anti-Jam Hedge Trimmer

With an rrp of £175 the black & decker GTC36552PC-GB cordless hedge trimmer should give you a well built long lasting machine which won’t break the bank. With a 22mm cutting width, a motor which delivers 1300 strokes per minute and a battery which lasts over an hour this hedge trimmer is perfect for most domestic use, granted it won’t compare to the Stihl trimmer listed above when it comes to cutting down huge unruly hedges but the Stihl rimmer is a beast of a machine and is designed with commercial use in mind.

Cordless Hedge Trimmer Weight

Obviously the lighter the better – no one like aching arms and backs! However the more powerful the machine means a higher voltage which means a heavier battery and larger machine. Thankfully almost all battery powered cordless hedge trimmers use lithium ion batteries which are always much lighter than the old fashioned NiMH batteries.

The best light weight battery powered cordless hedge trimmer  that we’ve selected in the UK in 2020 is the:

Bosch EasyHedgeCut 12-35 Cordless Hedge Cutter

This cordless hedge trimmer from Bosch has clearly been designed as a light weight trimmer for smaller hedges. The blade length is only 35 cm – 15 cm shorter than the standard 50 cm on most hedge trimmers. Weighing under 2Kg this cordless hedge trimmer is eminently suitable for older gardeners or those of us with weaker arms! Overall it is a quality machine and punches above its feather weight class 🙂

The best full size light weight battery powered cordless hedge trimmer  that we’ve selected in the UK in 2020 is the:

Bosch Cordless Hedge Trimmer AHS 50-20 LI 

With a 52 cm blade and a 20mm cutting width and a weight of only 2.5 Kg the Bosch AHS 50-20 LI cordless hedge trimmer is our our best full size light weight cordless hedge trimmer. Another interesting additional feature on this machine is the sawing function – special teeth on the front of the blade enable it to cut through branches up to 25 mm in diameter!

Cordless Hedge Trimmer Battery Efficiency

When looking at the efficiency of batteries for cordless hedge trimmers or for any garden power tool for that matter; you will need to consider the following three factors:

  • Time duration the battery lasts for when used in the hedge cutter (this may vary depending on the type of hedge you are cutting – cutting through thicker branches use up more energy.)
  • Charge time of the battery – Many of the newer batteries can now be charged in under an hour – cutting the old charge times of three plus hours from a really annoying break in activity to a welcome rest time to recharge your arm muscles before tackling the rest of your hedge 🙂
  • Longevity of the battery – All lithium ion batteries have a finite number of charges until they will need permanently replacing. The average is 300 – 500 charges which is usually 2 – 3 years usage.

Our pick for the best “battery” battery powered cordless hedge trimmer  that we’ve selected in the UK in 2020 is the:

Makita DUH551Z 36 V Cordless li-Ion Hedge Trimmer

When used with 2 Makita 5AH batteries this cordless hedge trimmer can operate for over two hours! With the two batteries it is a heavyweight cordless hedge trimmer weighing about 7Kg. It has variable speed settings and is a battery powered cordless hedge trimmer which is a genuine alternative to petrol powered hedge trimmers!

Our pick for the budget best “battery” battery powered cordless hedge trimmer  that we’ve selected in the UK in 2020 is the:

DEWALT DCM563P1-GB 18V XR Cordless Hedge Trimmer

The DEWALT 18V cordless Hedge Trimmer gives almost a professional performance for such a light weight and compact machine . It’s 55cm blades are capable of cutting branches with up to 19mm diameter making it perfect for medium to larger hedges. Powered with a Lithium-ion battery, it delivers up to 75 min trimming per charge when using 18V 5Ah Li-ion battery pack.

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