Batten Down The Hatches: Here’s How You Skip Garden Hibernation This Year

The majority of gardening prep is based around the spring and summer months. Even if we do consider prep during the colder months, it’s usually more of a shutting down than an opening up. Most of us work out how to clear flower beds, or when to cut our lawns for the last time. It’s almost like we see no option but to send our outside spaces into hibernation.


For the garden lovers among us, that seems a shame. Why should we shut up shop just because the weather gets colder? You pay rent or a mortgage which includes your garden all year around, don’t you? Why, then, should you only get to enjoy this area for half of the time?


We don’t think you should. That’s why we’ve come up with some winter preparations which could turn your garden into a space you can actually use during colder months.


Lay durable decking


Decking keeps you off the grass. As such, it’s a fantastic way to get year-round garden use. When the rain starts falling, walking on your lawn could do untold damage. With decking in place, you can spend time outside no matter how damp the ground is. At least, you can if you choose the right decking materials now. Note that timber decking can become just as delicate after rain as your grass. But, it you opt for a more sturdy version like composite decking, you can create a deck which withstands the worst rains. With this in place, you’ll never have an excuse not to get outside again.

Build yourself a fire pit

Dropping temperatures are a leading cause for winter garden reluctance. Who wants to spend time outside when it’s cold? There are, of course, many patio heaters on the market, but these often become just more clutter in the shed. Instead, then, consider creating a fire pit while you still have a little warm weather with which to do it. A fire has the benefit of both warming your time outside and also giving you something to admire. In a way, you could consider this as your replacement flowers. By taking your time here, you can also create a garden feature which looks fantastic all year around. So, get out there and get building.



Invest in garden furniture

Most of the time you spend in your garden during the summer will be spent on maintaining flowers. When you aren’t doing that, you’ll have the choice of lounging on the grass. When winter rolls around, though, you’ll find there are limitations on what you can do. There won’t be any gardening to keep up with as such, and we’ve already spoken about your lawn being out of bounds. Instead, you’ll find that time outside becomes much more contemplative. Hence why you need to consider comfortable garden furniture from which you can watch the world go by. Consider weather-safe sofas and garden chairs you can sink into. Then, settle in and let your winter wonderland enrapture you.

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