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Batten Down The Hatches: Here’s How You Skip Garden Hibernation This Year

The majority of gardening prep is based around the spring and summer months. Even if we do consider prep during the colder months, it’s usually more of a shutting down than an opening up. Most of us work out how to clear flower beds, or when to cut our lawns for the last time. It’s […]

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How To Drain A Waterlogged Lawn

  Waterlogging occurs when water sits on the surface of the soil. It will either drain very slowly or not at all. The type of ground is a factor and some are more susceptible than others. This includes ground that has been poorly compacted and dense clay soils. This type of ground often remains wet […]

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Be a Little More Ambitious and Make These Changes to Your Garden

Is your garden currently lagging behind a little? Is it not quite as ambitious nor as functional as you would like it to be? If so, it’s up to you to make sure that you take steps to change things and make your garden better than it’s ever been before. The key to making big […]

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Valuable Advice for Designing an Accessible Garden

Gardening, or just spending time in the garden, should be something that everyone can do. Regardless of ability, mobility, or age, we should make it possible for anyone to get outdoors and enjoy plants and flowers. If you want to create an accessible and safe garden, there are some important things you need to think […]

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Best Greenhouses 2018 – Buyers Guide

A greenhouse can be seen by many as a luxury item in your garden. Here at GoTo4Gardening, we think that the variety available on the market today means that this no longer need to be the case. Here is a comparison table showing the most popular greenhouses currently being sold on Amazon in the UK. […]

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Summary of Gardening Trends in 2016

Gardening trends in 2016 As 2016 begins to draw to a close, I thought it would be the ideal time to review what this year has brought to the gardening arena. What innovations, styles and designs have made an impact in 2016 and beyond. One thing that I have noticed as a keen gardener is […]

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The rise of electric and battery powered gardening equipment

Electric and battery powered gardening equipment boom   Commercial shows such as the recent SALTEX exhibition at the NEC, have seen increasing numbers of electric gardening equipment on show. It is becoming clear that powerful, quality, and affordable electric and battery powered gardening equipment for the mainstream, domestic gardener is not in the too distant […]

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Hebe Pink Passion

New Hebe: Pink Passion – Fall in Love with Hebes!

New Hebe: Pink Passion   There are some who doubt that anything can grow well in Ireland. Just recently, though a new Hebe, Pink Passion (TULL16) has been bred in Dublin by Tully Nurseries and it’s proving to be very popular – I can’t get my hands on one!   Hebe Pink Passion Dark stems […]

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jaffa cakes

How to make Jaffa Cakes Great British Bake Off style? First grow your oranges!

How to make Jaffa Cakes Great British Bake Off style? First grow your oranges!   I’m not going to lie; I am already gripped by this year’s Great British Bake Off! The first technical challenge this year was to bake Jaffa Cakes (who else was shouting at their TV when Andrew was confused about how […]

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Pokémon Go and gardens?

Pokémon Go and gardens?   Public spaces must make the most of this latest craze!   If you have somehow managed to miss this current craze, then let me briefly explain.   Pokémon go: augmented reality game played on smartphones and tablets users ‘find’ and ‘catch’ the Pokémon characters the smartphone’s GPS and camera allow […]

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