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Like Lying Down In (A Flower) Bed: Turn Your Garden Into A Luxury Space

      Lots of people look at their garden and wish that they could make it a bit more appealing, or at least give it a once over to make it ready for garden parties, relaxation, or anything you want that’s personal to you. You can make changes to your garden, but most people […]

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Lawn Care Tips – Watering & Trimming

The sanctity and importance of the common garden lawn often gets overlooked on gardening blogs; as keeping a garden lawn in shape is often not considered rocket science when compared with planting exotic or temperamental plant species… yet, it’s one of those niggling concerns that amateur gardeners face – as when you think about it, […]

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bananas flower

The Queen’s got bananas!

The Queen’s got bananas!               ….. well the plants anyway   Were you up watching ITV’s Good Morning Britain before 8am this morning? If you were, you were in for a treat! If not, here is the link to watch the program.   Buckingham Palace opens to the public tomorrow for its ‘Summer Opening’ […]

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herb gardening

Herb Gardening News

             Herb Gardening 11th July 2016 Herb gardening was given quite the advert this weekend at one of Central London’s many RHS shows, Hampton Court Flower Show.   With many herbs such as the Origanum (oregano) and Lavandula (lavenders) famalies flowering particularly well this year – great news for bees! […]

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herb garden

Top Tips for Creating Your Own Herb Garden

How to Create a Herb Garden Herbs are one of the easiest and most satisfying things to grow in the garden. And why spend a fortune on herbs at the supermarket or local greengrocer when you can easily grow them yourself? There is nothing more satisfying than nipping outside and picking the herbs that you […]

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Children Gardening

Create a Lifelong Love of Gardening – How to Get Children Interested in Gardening

Gardening is a wonderful hobby for children to enjoy and one which can stay with them for a lifetime. Not only does it get them outdoors into the fresh air but it’s also a great opportunity to learn about plants and nature. The key to encouraging children into the garden is to make the experience […]

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Beautiful Small Garden

10 Ways to Make the Most of a Small Garden

  Just because your garden is small doesn’t mean it can’t be a joy to behold. And small gardens also have the added bonus that they can be easily redesigned to suit your needs and mood. Here are our top tips for making the most of a small garden: Use Every Dimension Look carefully at […]

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Wildlife Garden

How to Attract Wildlife into the Garden

It is a sad fact that the wildlife which used to populate our gardens and countryside has declined alarmingly over the last few decades. Climate change, disease and diminishing habitats have all contributed to this. However, it is not all doom and gloom. Anyone and everyone can do their bit to encourage birds, butterflies, bees, […]

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Beating Slugs and Snails – 10 Strategies that Work

Slugs and Snails. Words that strike terror into the hearts of gardeners everywhere. The most feared of all the garden pests, slugs and snails can destroy plants and flowers in matter of hours and are notoriously difficult to control. With their voracious appetite they will quickly strip a plant of its foliage, leaving destruction in […]

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