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Advantages of No Dig Gardening

No dig advantages Most soil already has a good structure for plant roots to grow, and is full of growth-promoting organisms, which actually do not work so well after being disturbed. Millions of fungal threads, earthworms, millipedes and amphibians, to name but a few, are being helpful right under our feet. Soil is a living […]

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Gardening – Little & Often

Being there, little and often   The most successful approach to gardening is bit by bit, with continual, small successes that build confidence, interest and a great garden. Dig this? A common beginning is to dig the soil. It gives exercise and looks nice! However the sequel is less fun, endless weeding and coping with […]

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NoDig – Charles Dowding -Save time, garden clever

Save time, garden clever  Time is precious and the best gardeners use it wisely. They don’t waste time by sowing seeds out of season, or waiting too long before dealing with weeds. I explain this throughout my diary (use code JH17 to get £4 discount when buying online). which is centred on efficient use of […]

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Introduction to Charles Dowding’s weekly advice

Introduction to Charles Dowding’s weekly advice  I want to help you garden more efficiently and successfully, with the advice of my experience based on 35 years of successful gardening, for vegetables, flowers and fruit trees. I have assembled a massive resource base of advice, on You Tube (1,200,000 views), my website www.charlesdowding.co.uk and in my […]

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