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How To Find The Best Plumbing Services For Your Garden Underground Plumbing

  Having underground plumbing for your garden is an excellent investment. You’ll be able to keep all your plants healthy without seeing any pipes which can disrupt the overall beauty of your garden. Additionally, underground plumbing allows you to maximize the space in your garden since the plumbing is happening underground. And while underground plumbing […]

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8 Simple Ideas To Make Your Garden Look Bigger

  Making the most of your space can be difficult if you’re one of the many people living in the urban jungle. High-rise buildings don’t leave you much room for outdoor enjoyment unless you are fortunate enough to have a rooftop garden, communal areas, or a balcony. You may feel disheartened with your gardening prospects […]

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father son barbeque

Best BBQ’s (July 2017) – Buyers Guide

A BBQ in your back garden used to bring to mind burnt sausages with raw middles, dodgy burger buns, and a limp lettuce leaf. No longer is this the case! With the technology available in these modern BBQs, gourmet cooking is now achievable, and mass catering without the food poisoning (we think that’s a bonus!)  […]

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Garden Zones – Rooms in Your Garden

Some people have ‘garden rooms’, this season it’s all about ‘rooms’ in your garden! There is nothing I enjoy more than relaxing in my garden with a few friends and a few drinks(!), and with summer on its way, I’ve been thinking more and more about how I can create zones in my garden to […]

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Are You Looking for a New Fence?

A revolution in fence panels: straight lines and no more splinters! Well, no-where near as many! I don’t know about you, but storm Doris played havoc in my garden. I had to replace quite a few glass panels in my greenhouse and just don’t talk to be about fence panels! Well actually, do talk to […]

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Choosing & Maintaining Your Christmas Tree

Fir things first! How do you keep a Christmas tree alive? >>FYI – a Christmas tree is a living plant and needs water!<< Read on to find out how to keep a cut Christmas tree alive and how to care for a potted or pot-grown Christmas tree. How to keep a cut Christmas tree alive […]

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What are the 3 essential garden tools that everyone should own?

Three Essential Gardening Tools Although I am a journalist I am also a keen amateur gardener. I consistently find that although much like the majority of the UK who enjoy purchasing almost every garden gadget around, there are in fact only 3, that I would term as essential garden tools. Irrespective of the gardening task […]

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FloraBrite tools

Stop Losing Your Gardening Tools

Never lose another gardening tool again   As a keen gardener myself, I can personally vouch from talking to many of my esteemed colleagues who are also intrepid gardeners that losing gardening tools is an oft quoted problem for every gardener. Misplaced in the undergrowth or simply mislaid during the numerous gardening tasks, it’s an […]

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wallflower sugar rush

Winter Bedding Ideas To Inspire You

Winter Bedding Ideas   I don’t know about you, but I love to plan my winter bedding about now. I’ve popped some lovely yellow and red tiny pansies in a bed with some tulip bulbs, but my mind is more focused on my winter bedding ideas for next year. I like to plant my winter […]

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asian hornet

When do wasps die off in UK?

When do wasps die off in UK?   When do wasps die off in UK? Don’t we all want to know the answer to that one?! The good news is that Worker wasps don’t live through the winter, they die off every year.   But … have you heard about the Asian Hornets (Vespa velutina) […]

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