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Beautiful and Deadly: 10 Flowering Plants that are Poisonous to Cats

  We know that onions and garlic are poisonous to cats because they can cause hemolytic anemia, but did you know that most bulb-type flowers like Irises and Lilies are also harmful to them? Flowers bring color to any home so it is not a surprise if we have a couple of flowering plants or […]

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The Part-Time Gardener

Many of us are guilty of failing in our garden pursuits. Often, this is because we bite off more than we can chew. We set large lawns and plant high-maintenance flowers. Then, life gets busy, and we don’t even think about maintenance until it’s too late. When we finally look outside, our gardens are a […]

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7 Ways To Prepare Your Garden For Summer

Summer is fast approaching and it’s time to start getting your garden prepared for the warmer months. Here are seven preparations you may want to consider doing now. Start collecting rainwater In the hot weather, you’ll be watering those plants more often. Instead of increasing your water bill by using water from the tap, why […]

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A Beautiful Lawn

Plan Ahead – What I can do for my spring garden in November

At this time of year, we don’t always feel that motivated to get out in work in the garden. But really, it’s the perfect time to get out there and make a few key preparations ahead of spring. Because soon as the milder weather makes its way in, we all want to spend a little […]

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Christmas Poinsettia – Beautiful Euphorbia

What is the most beautiful Euphorbia? The genus Euphorbia includes many plants that are commonly found in UK gardens today. When it comes to choosing to most beautiful Euphorbia, though, this is a bit of a play on words. Euphorbia pulcherrima literally translates as “the most beautiful Euphorbia.” What is the Euphorbia pulcherrima? It is […]

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Scottish Hops, Scottish beer!

A Wholly Scottish Beer   When someone mentions ‘hops’ to me, it always makes me think of warm summer afternoons in a country pub. My mind remembers summers drinking ‘Hophead’ and ‘Otter’ beers in the West Sussex village pub near my parents’ home. In contrast, where I live now in London you can hardly move […]

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daffodils bluebells

Free Daffodil bulb! Free Bluebell bulb!

How to Get a Free Native Bulbs   Yes, you read that correctly – English Heritage have teamed with De Jager to give a free native bulb, either daffodil or bluebell; to visitors at these sites: Audley End House and Gardens, Essex Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens, Northumberland Brodsworth Hall and Gardens, South Yorkshire The Home of […]

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Urban Gardening

Urban Garden ideas – Is it a fad?

Urban Garden ideas – Is it a fad?   Living in a city like London, means that space is at a premium, especially outside space. As a freelance journalist, much of my time is spent at home, researching and writing, for various media agencies and specific newspapers. Recently I was asked to research the trend […]

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