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Don’t Waste The Space! Ideas For Creating A Functional Garden

All homeowners should want to make the best use of their gardens possible. The issue is that most people have no idea where to start, and that’s why this article should come in handy. Some excellent ideas on this page will point you in the right direction and ensure you leave no stone unturned. With […]

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Best Gardens for Event Hire

Gardens are brilliant to visit, but how about hiring a venue space at one? How amazing would that be?!! *Hiring the Orangery at Kew Gardens, London What a wonderful spot! I was at Kew last Saturday (17/12) and there was a wedding/reception just about to happen. What a wonderful background for some stunning photographs! Kew […]

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Top Public Gardens of 2016

Gardens to Visit If you have found your way to this (frankly brilliant!) gardening website, then the chances are you are into gardens and gardening!? Most keen gardeners that I speak to also are fans of visiting gardens to check out what they are growing and how they are growing it. My Top Gardens of […]

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Guerilla gardening – What is it?

Want to know more about Guerilla gardening?   For many people the term “guerilla gardening” will leave them with a vacant look, unsure of its meaning. For others it is an innovative trend of making use of and improving patches of public spaces and derelict land which has been neglected or abandoned, although they have […]

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elderly woman gardening

Benefits of Gardening For Elderly Women

New study claims Gardening offers elderly women various health benefits It is an unfortunate fact of life that as we age, our ability to exercise becomes limited. A more sedentary lifestyle also usually means weight gain, reduced stamina and a variety of other maladies that are consistent with old age. However, a new study has […]

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Container Gardening

Container Gardening ideas for small spaces

Container Gardening ideas for small spaces   As a London based freelance journalist, I often sit in the tiny space that is rumoured to be my garden and wonder how to make it appear more aesthetically appealing or make better use of the space. Often friends will frequent my abode, and when possible cram themselves […]

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summer house

Things to consider if you’re building your own summer house

Tips for Building a Summer House If you’re lucky enough to have the space to accommodate a summer house in your garden, it can be a great way to create an outdoor extension of your home – providing the perfect space to relax, socialise, and even work, whilst enjoying the surroundings of your garden. And […]

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