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Best Gardening Books (July 2017) – Reviews & Buyers Guide

Here at GoTo4Gardening, we think that there is nothing that beats a day in the garden. Second to this, is reading all about our favourite hobby! Whether you prefer a Kindle or a ‘real’ book, there are some great reads out there and some really stunning specialist books. One of the great things about books […]

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The Big Garden Birdwatch 2017

This year, the Big Garden Birdwatch will take place from 28-30 January 2017! In 2016, the Big Garden Birdwatch count was pretty awesome! Some stats: 519,000 people counted 8,262,662 birds! If you’ve been in a state school in the last 20 years, or ever watched Springwatch, the chances are that you have heard of the […]

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Gardening Styles for 2017

2017 Gardening Trends The gardening trends for 2017 are promising to be an exciting move towards colour block planting, dwarf shrub planting, and green (!). Let’s have a look at what to expect and how you can achieve the look in your garden! #1 Gardening Trend for 2017 : Colour block planting   Garden designers […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Choosing a Garden Rake

 Our Review of Leaf Rakes Some of the main players in the world of gardening equipment, specifically lawn rakes and leaf rakes, include Spear and Jackson, Bulldog, WOLF tools, Gardena, Joseph Bentley, and Draper tools to name but a few. When it comes to the wooden lawn rakes and besom broom brushes, you will find […]

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Try These Delicious Autumnal Recipes

Autumnal Recipes   Two of my greatest loves are gardening and cooking; we are entering the perfect season for me to indulge! I thought I’d gather some tried and tested recipes from my friends and family and share them with you. Enjoy!     The Best Rhubarb Crumble Recipe Yes, I do indeed make this […]

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