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What should I be doing in my garden in November

Essential November Gardening Jobs Sow Sweetpea Seeds Sweetpeas, what’s not to love? Fabulous colours, wonderful perfume, fast growing, bee-magnets! You can get next year’s plants off to a head start by sowing the seeds now and get even better performing plants if you can keep their roots undisturbed when planting out next year. It is really […]

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Gardening Jobs for October

October Gardening Tips   As the temperatures drop, you will find that you need to mow the lawn less and less frequently.  Always make sure that you only mow when the surface of the lawn is relatively dry or else you may cause compaction and damage the turf grasses, making them more prone to diseases […]

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Winter Cutting Back & Pruning

How to prune and cut back plants in the winter Once the leaves have fallen  from deciduous shrubs and trees it is so much easier to see if their structure has become too congested.  It is also a lot easier to  spot : Dead, Diseased and Damaged branches or stems. It is these three D’s […]

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Protecting Your Plants from the Cold

Protecting plants from the winter weather Last month I talked about keeping plants in pots happy over the winter  – definitely one of the first jobs to do . But for many of us a little bit of winter protection is in order for many plants, even if they are growing in open ground. Which […]

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How to Deal with Wood Pigeons

Wood pigeons Wood pigeons seem to be increasing in number and everywhere I go, to give a talk, do a demo in a garden centre or doing a GQT these feathery pests certainly seem to be featuring heavily in people’s gardens! They do damage all over the garden, but worst hit are the edibles – […]

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Protect Your Potted Plants from Winter Damage

How to protect container plants from the winter weather Container growing is great, especially if you’ve not got a lot of open ground to use as your garden. But at this time of year all those plants in pots, whose roots are above soil level are at risk of winter damage. Adequate Winter Drainage The first […]

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Preventing the Spread of the Horse-chestnut Leaf Miner

What is the Horse-chestnut Leaf Miner? If  you’ve  noticed gingery brown, dry patches on the leaves of horse-chestnut trees these are the ‘blotch mines’ caused by an infestation of the horse-chestnut leaf mining moth, Cameraria ohridella. This pest has only been recorded in the UK since 2002 but has certainly made its presence felt. Earlier […]

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strawberry plants

How to Maintain Strawberry Plants Over Winter

Strawberry Plant Sort out As you know, I’m more than a bit partial to some sun-warmed, superbly juicy and sweet home grown strawberries ….but just because the season is well and truly over that’s not to say that we can forget those small, inconspicuous strawberry plants . With a little bit of TLC right now […]

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brown rot on apple

How to Deal With Brown Rot on Fruit

Brown rot on Apples and Pears If you’ve noticed soft, squidgy brown patches on your apples and pears, whether these are just harvested or currently in store, the chances are that this is the aptly named ‘Brown rot’ .  Caused by a species of the Sclerotinia fungus , brown rot is a common and damaging […]

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Fallen leaves

What to do with all those fallen leaves?

Leafmould I’m always on the look out for a bargain, so something FREE is extra appealing. One of the most important factors in successful gardening is a healthy soil. It is simply fundamental for obvious reasons. Whether you mainly grow ornamentals or edibles, that healthy soil is the key to success. Gardening involves cropping and […]

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