A revolution in fence panels: straight lines and no more splinters!

Well, no-where near as many!

I don’t know about you, but storm Doris played havoc in my garden. I had to replace quite a few glass panels in my greenhouse and just don’t talk to be about fence panels! Well actually, do talk to me about fence panels as I’ve found that there is another option than just another lap panel. I was so taken by the new fencing panels that I decided to replace all of my existing ones, not just the ones that Doris destroyed!

“Replaced all of your fence panels?” Yes, I was that impressed!

What is a lap panel, and what is wrong with them?

Imagine a fence panel, and you are probably visualising a lap panel. Lap panels have been the standard in fencing since time began (well, almost!).

  • Overlapping slats
  • Wavy cut – logs are round!
  • Coarse cut – ouch, splinters!
  • Panel nailed together between two thin strips of wood
  • Dip-painted for weather proofing

Tell me about the new-style fence panel!

The company behind the new style of panel that I was so taken with is called Grange. Their new panel has been dubbed the ‘Ultimate Panel’ I was talking to the (very enthusiastic) sales assistant in my local garden centre, and apparently these new panels are available in most builders merchants such as Jewson as well as garden centres. From experience I have found that garden centres are very eager to please and will try their very best to order in whatever product you are after; it can’t hurt to ask! While I haven’t been in to see for myself, I have heard that B&Q are selling this wonder panel under their own branding as part of their ‘Primo Range’. JUST TELL ME ABOUT THE PANEL!

  • Straight cut timber slats give a stunning contemporary look. The logs are sawn into beams before being cut for the panels.
  • Fine sawn timber means fewer splinters!
  • 40mm rebated frame. Have a look at the quality of the tenon and mortise joints; it’s pure craftsmanship in a fence panel!
  • Strong side piece is so much stronger that the nailed affair in a lap panel
  • Pressure treated so will last much longer (and therefore give you great value for money)
  • The ‘Ultimate panel’ is available in 4 sizes, and an eye-catching gate is available too.

Ultimate-Lap-PanelsI arrived at the garden centre looking for 3 or 4 panels to sort out the damage caused by storm Doris, and I left having ordered enough ‘Ultimate panels’ to replace all of the panels in my garden. But why? Firstly, my older panels would not have matched the new ‘ultimate panels’ (yes, I’m that vain) but secondly, and most importantly, THEY ARE AMAZING!!

  • They are strong (like, really strong)
  • They are built to last
  • And they just look great!

With so many stunning and quality features, I would be very surprised if this new style of fencing panel doesn’t become the new standard in the very near future. Have a look for yourself; I’m sure you will be persuaded.