8 Simple Ideas To Make Your Garden Look Bigger


Making the most of your space can be difficult if you’re one of the many people living in the urban jungle. High-rise buildings don’t leave you much room for outdoor enjoyment unless you are fortunate enough to have a rooftop garden, communal areas, or a balcony. You may feel disheartened with your gardening prospects dwindling if you’ve moved from a suburban area to an apartment block. However, even the quirkiest of outdoor areas can be brought to life with a little love. When you get creative you can utilise what you already have and work on a budget. There are plenty of ways to make the most of your outdoor space, no matter what garden you’ve got. Here’s a guide with 8 simple ideas to make your garden look bigger:

1. Window Boxes

Window boxes fit nicely on most tiny balconies or compact gardens, brightening up your space without taking up too much room – which will free up floor space making your garden appear larger. They’re also great for growing your own fresh herbs right outside your window. Plenty of wonderful flowers and fruits lend themselves well to these types of growing conditions; from Strawberries or Cherry Tomatoes, to Petunias and Erigeron – you’re by no means limited with what creations you can put together in such a small space.

2. Garden “Tower”

Flowerbeds can be a wonderful way to bring life and character to your outdoor space, but they can also take up a large proportion of the garden. It’s a logical idea for those with smaller gardens: instead of building outwards, build up. You can buy plant pots specially designed for bringing a variety of flowers together in an impressive tall structure called a garden tower. The best part of elevated gardens is that you can have more flowers then you ever imagined was possible.

3. Archway

If you have a narrow garden, using a decorative floral archway can break it up, making it seem larger and wider. This is especially effective when placed over a garden path, bringing a magical element to any outdoor space.

4. Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets can be a complete saviour when it comes to decorating smaller gardens! Even the cosiest of balconies can be brought to life with a selection of beautiful flowers and colourful trailers. Some excellent flowers for hanging baskets include: Sweet Peas, Pansies, Begonia and Bacopa. You can mix and match to create your own wonderful display. Top tip: they’re also ideal for growing your own herb garden.

5. Breaking up the garden

Often people can be reluctant to lay down a patio if they’re working with limited space as they’re keen to save whatever grass area they have. However, splitting your garden up with even a small patio area can make your garden look longer, especially if you create a path in-between the grass areas.

6. Outdoor Furniture

For those lucky enough to have a little more space to work with, boutique-style outdoor living furniture can greatly improve the aesthetics of your garden, and also change the way in which you use it. Investing in all-weather furniture like a dining table can give your garden purpose and encourage you to spend more time outside. Having a corner garden sofa or bistro table rather than bulky furniture can free up room in your garden and make it seem more spacious.

7. Create An Illusion

One of the best ways to give the impression of a larger garden is to trick the eye into thinking it’s bigger. A popular way to do this recently has been to recycle old mirrors to create a wall display. This is easy enough to achieve by hanging smaller mirrors at varying heights on a fence or brick wall. Alternatively, you can use one big mirror at an angle to make your garden appear wider. Consider where to place the mirror for the ultimate illusion impact.

8. Maintenance

The upkeep of your garden is crucial in making it look bigger. Once you allow your garden to be overgrown it instantly appears smaller and cluttered. Keep on top of everyday tasks like trimming hedges, bushes and trees. You should also pay special attention to any moss or weeds that may try to grow through your patio – a clear patio always gives the impression of a larger space so be sure to maintain it by using a non-toxic chemical spray.

What steps will you take next?

Don’t be disheartened when if you find the perfect house that doesn’t come with the garden space you were hoping for. You can still make it work for you. There are plenty of ways you can tailor your garden to your needs, without spending a fortune. Take a walk around your local gardening centre and get inspired.

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