7 Ways To Prepare Your Garden For Summer

Summer is fast approaching and it’s time to start getting your garden prepared for the warmer months. Here are seven preparations you may want to consider doing now.

Start collecting rainwater

In the hot weather, you’ll be watering those plants more often. Instead of increasing your water bill by using water from the tap, why not start collecting rainwater? Rain barrels from companies like Tanks Direct are the perfect solution – you can attach your hose to them, plus many have overfill features to stop them filling over the brim.

Consider sprinklers for your lawn

To stop your grass drying out in the summer, it could also be worth buying a sprinkler. This can provide your lawn with constant water in the heat so that your grass stays healthy.

Tidy up your patio/decking area

You’ll be using your patio/decking area a lot more in the summer so make sure it’s looking presentable by giving it a sweep and potentially jet-washing it. If the winter has been hard on your garden furniture, you may also want to upgrade to some weatherproof good quality chairs and tables such as this Danetti furniture. You can also consider adding lighting for those times you may want to stay out long into the evening – solar lights are an economical and versatile option.

Set up deterrents for summer pests

Summer is also the month that all the bugs come out – keep away the likes of wasps, mosquitoes and ants by growing plants with naturally repelling scents such as garlic, basil and mint. You can also keep away wasps by placing a trap or hanging up a fake wasp nest to make them think that there’s already a colony there. Meanwhile, if you’ve got a pond, add a filter or fountain to keep the water moving – this will stop mosquitoes nesting there.

Take steps to prevent weeds

Weeds tend to thrive in the summer. You can prevent weeds ruining your beds by ensuring that the soil is thoroughly mulched up and that any signs of weeds are removed as soon as possible. Weeds are easiest to pull out when the ground is wet.

Give heat-intolerant plants shade

Whilst some plants manage the summer heat well, others can be damaged and even killed off by too much sun exposure. Vegetables such as salad greens and the majority of fruit can suffer in the summer heat – make sure that these plants aren’t exposed to constant sunlight throughout the day. You could position them near a fence if they’re in pots or use a canopy. Make sure that they’re still getting some light, just not too much.

Plant summer-blooming plants

Now could also be the time to start planting some summer bloomers. There are all kinds of shrubs to choose from – if you’re looking for some vibrant colour, why not try daylilies and blanket flowers? Salvia meanwhile could add a touch of bright blue to your garden.

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