Beautiful gardens captivate homeowners and passers-by all the time, appealing to our senses of sight and smell. UK residents are notably particular about their gardens, with data indicating that the average UK household spends about £150 on this area annually. Some specific concepts can significantly transform your micro garden space into a visually exciting place, so they’re worth considering. If you want to know more about creating a beautiful micro garden, please consider the following points.

1. Arrange plants around a theme

You can create a plant collection with similar foliage or flower colour to make a significant design impact in your garden space. First, observe the colour scheme in your current garden to notice how you could rearrange your garden for a more breath-taking effect. For example, you can put a punnet of six same-coloured flowers in one container and surround this with another flower batch of contrasting colours to add balance and repetition to your garden design. 

Planting along the garden bed’s edge with border plants or highlighting the container’s shape and colour with repeated paintings are excellent ways to group your plants around a theme. Finally, prioritise great garden edging to make your lawn space more defined, ensuring that your themes are more pronounced.

2. Add Lighting

Many homeowners are concerned with how their gardens appear during the day, but you can go a step further to guarantee your garden’s beauty at night also. Lighting is your best bet to achieve this. A practical lighting tip worth knowing is to centre your garden lighting around a focal point to create a stunning effect. For example, an outstanding tree in your garden is an excellent focal point that you can wrap string lights around, creating the perfect atmosphere for several home outdoor events like summer soirees and family get-togethers.

3. Add Garden Art

Various art, sculpture, and strategically placed pottery around your garden can lend it a truly extraordinary touch, so garden art is undoubtedly worth considering. Adding decorative items to your garden space is a great way to reflect your personality and gives your micro garden some character. However, it’s essential to prioritise harmony when choosing pieces like sculptures to decorate your garden. These pieces must compliment your surrounding plant choices and complete your garden’s story, so keep this in mind to find unique, artistic pieces that integrate harmoniously into your garden space.

4. Consider Adding Storage

Even micro gardens will need someplace for garden tool storage, so a smart storage option is worth the investment. Storage space will ensure that your garden is free from clutter like children’s tricycles and bucket barbecues, ensuring that your space is always tidy. Garden chests are an excellent storage choice because they occupy minimal space and don’t obscure any views. These chests also come in several attractive options that will lend a stylish touch to your garden besides being practical. You can also consider a sizeable shed to make your home appealing to potential buyers since a reported 62% of people would lose interest in a home if it didn’t have a shed.