3 Great Ways to Use a Weekend in Your Garden

So, you’ve got a whole weekend stretched out before you with no plans, and it seems like staying at home is the most feasible decision to make.

While you could use that time to relax on the sofa, or plan a great house renovation project, you might be even better served by spending the time in your garden.

Here are just a few great ways to use a weekend in your garden so that by the end of it you feel rejuvenated and uplifted.

1. Reading a good book in the sun

Reading is nowhere near as popular as more passive forms of entertainment such as watching TV, or surfing the web – but there are various benefits to reading that seem particularly unique to that medium.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that all the benefits of reading arise strictly from memorising facts from academic works of nonfiction, either.

While you can certainly learn all sorts of fascinating and brilliant things from non-fiction books, research has also found that reading fiction helps to promote growth throughout various regions of the brain, while simultaneously developing aspects of the personality such as empathy.

If you are blessed by a sunny day and have a comfortable chair or lounger in your garden, stretching out with a good book can be an immensely rewarding way of enriching your mind, delving into your imagination, and building up your vitamin D levels all at the same time.

2. Trying your hand at a bit of woodworking

These days, fewer and fewer people regularly engage in arts and crafts, or DIY projects in general. That’s not surprising, considering how easy it is to order all manner of things online, or to quickly find an expert for any repair needs you might have.

All the same, if you pay attention to what books like “Digital Minimalism” and “Shop Class as Soulcraft” have to say, taking the time to indulge in some low-tech pursuits can be an excellent way of relieving stress, enhancing your overall well-being, and getting in touch with the primal need that we all feel to create.

Woodworking is a great pastime to try out in your garden – whittling, in particular, requires little space, little equipment, and is the kind of thing that people have done on their porches for centuries.

3. Planting some of your own food

Gardening is an innately rewarding hobby – as it connects you with the timeless cycles of nature, while giving you the satisfaction of nurturing something and seeing the “fruits of your labour” directly.

While any sort of gardening can be an excellent way of spending your time, however, many people find that there’s something particularly special about planting some small crops, which can then end up on the dinner table when the time is right.

Growing your own food and herbs is a brilliant way of exploring “localism” in the most direct sense, while also developing your sense of autonomy.

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