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Love Gardening but Looking For a Challenge? Try This!

Part of the joy of gardening is the room to experiment with shapes, colours and textures. Watching something grow from seed to full bloom over the year, or year after year. Something that not many people experiment with is hydroponics. Now, while there are a few hydroponic systems that you can work with, the basic […]

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Best Cordless Battery Powered Lawn Mowers Review

The new generation of cordless battery powered lawnmowers combine the advantages of their clean, lightweight electric corded cousins and their powerful versatile petrol powered cousins without the disadvantages of each; making them the lawnmower of choice for your average home garden. Here is a table of the current most popular cordless battery powered lawnmowers currently […]

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Turn Your Garden Into A Space You’ll Actually Use!

After you’ve fixed up the interiors of your house and made it feel like home, you might be thinking that you’re all done. However, there’s probably something that you’re missing. Just outside the back door is the garden, looking a little sad or overgrown. It can be enough to put a dampener on any domestic […]

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Beginners Guide To Laying A Patio

How To Lay Your Own Patio   Imagine finishing work and relaxing at home on a fantastic new patio, enjoying the warm summer sun. Imagine lazy sunny afternoons, enjoying the delights of the garden with a glass of wine, while burgers sizzle on the barbecue. If you’ve not got a patio, or you have one […]

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How to Install a Swimming Pool

  For many people, the idea of building a swimming pool in their own back garden is a childhood dream, and with summer almost upon us, you might be considering turning this childhood dream into a reality yourself.   Installing a swimming pool is a great idea, as there’s something wonderfully sociable about having a […]

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