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Leek – A Firm British Favourite

The British History of Leeks The Leek – although the emblem of Wales – really has its origins steeped in English history, with whole towns like Leek in Derbyshire named in this vegetables honour. In Old English all vegetable gardens were called leek gardens and the name was especially connected with any member of the […]

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Valentines Day for Gardeners

 Valentines Day – when work in the field commences! I was looking at a flyer the other day advertising a small  bunch of valentines day red roses for £35,  and I thought to myself,  I can’t believe that my ancestor proposed on the 14th of February with a fresh red rose – where would he […]

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The Perfect DIY Cloche

How to make your own cloche Having been frustrated over the years with a variety of shop bought cloches I decided to make my own with the following features: No Hinges to rust over  It can easily be built for a minimal cost, It is light and manoeuvrable, the lid can easily be removed and […]

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Ivy – Benefits & Pitfalls

Botanical  Name: Hedera Helix. Common Name: Ivy Ivy is the kind of plant that most people dislike, they consider it a large monster – in some states of the U.S.A., ivy is actually banned from being sold in garden stores as it is reckoned an invasive species. However, it will only have a monstrous effect […]

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