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Summary of Gardening Trends in 2016

Gardening trends in 2016 As 2016 begins to draw to a close, I thought it would be the ideal time to review what this year has brought to the gardening arena. What innovations, styles and designs have made an impact in 2016 and beyond. One thing that I have noticed as a keen gardener is […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Choosing a Garden Rake

 Our Review of Leaf Rakes Some of the main players in the world of gardening equipment, specifically lawn rakes and leaf rakes, include Spear and Jackson, Bulldog, WOLF tools, Gardena, Joseph Bentley, and Draper tools to name but a few. When it comes to the wooden lawn rakes and besom broom brushes, you will find […]

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Berry Varieties to Decorate Your House

All About Berries The berry season has arrived, so the flower of this week has matured from a flower into a fruit – the berry!  I was initially inspired by a wreath that I saw on the front of a gardening magazine. It was totally made of berries and I thought the bright red berries […]

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From Obama Flatworm to Donald Trump Caterpillar

The Donald Trump Caterpillar – the Peruvian Comb-over (otherwise known as the Asp Caterpillar)   Here at GoTo4Gardening, we are not out to mock the President-elect and his choice of hairstyle. But … after posting last week about the Obama Flatworm, we thought we would also tell you about the caterpillar that has the common […]

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What are the 3 essential garden tools that everyone should own?

Three Essential Gardening Tools Although I am a journalist I am also a keen amateur gardener. I consistently find that although much like the majority of the UK who enjoy purchasing almost every garden gadget around, there are in fact only 3, that I would term as essential garden tools. Irrespective of the gardening task […]

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Preventing the Spread of the Horse-chestnut Leaf Miner

What is the Horse-chestnut Leaf Miner? If  you’ve  noticed gingery brown, dry patches on the leaves of horse-chestnut trees these are the ‘blotch mines’ caused by an infestation of the horse-chestnut leaf mining moth, Cameraria ohridella. This pest has only been recorded in the UK since 2002 but has certainly made its presence felt. Earlier […]

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Understanding Mail Order Seed Varieties

Seed Varieties Deciphered Gardening Tip – For the week   22nd Nov. – 28th  Nov. December is a busy month for everyone – especially for the postal services, multiplying the likelihood of your parcel getting delayed or lost, by at least 4 times the norm. The other option of waiting till the nation wakes up again […]

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How to Grow, Cultivate and Cut Fatsia Japonica

Botanical  Name: Aralia Sieboldii or Aralia Japonica or Fatsia Japonica Common Name : Fatsia The approaching festive season and long dark evenings are synonyms with candle lit dinners till late at night. However, if you have little children or if for any other reason you prefer not to use candles; I have a flower alternative […]

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The life of an indoor gardener

Modern Indoor Gardening A growing trend in recent years has been the advent of indoor gardening. Whether out of necessity due to lack of available outside space or through lack of mobility, indoor gardening offers a viable alternative that delivers much of the same benefits of the outdoor variety. Living in London, lack of space […]

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obama flatworm obama nungara

America – they think it’s all over! The Obama flatworm has been found in Oxfordshire!

Obama flatworm discovered in Oxfordshire! Obama Flatworm Facts and Figures: Obama flatworm, Obama nungara ‘Obama’ comes from the Tupi language. Leaf (oba) and animal (ma). Originally from Brazil Grows to 7cm Eats snails and worms Head of Horticulture at the Horticultural Trades Association, the HTA, Raoul Curtis-Machin comments: “This discovery is a concern to the industry. Although […]

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