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wheelchair gardening

Wheelchair Gardening

Gardening Tip – For the week 17th Oct. – 23rd Oct. Disabled?  This should not mean you have to stop gardening! Gardening is not a hobby that we wish to relinquish just because we are becoming older. However, the unavoidable arthritis and  rheumatism catch up with us as the birthday candles increase on the birthday […]

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Cut Your Dahlias Before the Frost Kills Them!

Flower of the week from YOUR garden to YOUR table:   17th  Oct. – 23rd  Oct. Be quick, be nimble, and cut as many of these flowers as you can because the nights are getting colder! We have already experienced nights of 6oC and no one can rule out a touch of frost during the next […]

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ballerina apple trees

Do you think that you have no room for an apple tree?

Gardening Tip – For the week 10th Oct. – 16th Oct. Do you think that you have no room for an apple tree? One would expect the answer to this question to depend greatly on the size of you garden, which is true, but it will also depend on how big you think an apple […]

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tall fuchsia bush

Fuchsia Varieties You May Not Know About

Gardening  Week  10th   Oct. – 16th  Oct. This week I brought into my house a flower that I have never seen for sale in a florist’s store. I assume this is due to its short shelf life but since there is no difficulty in growing an abundance of them in your garden there is no […]

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chafer grub damage

Treat Your Lawn for Chafer Grubs ASAP!

Chafer Grubs Now I know that looks aren’t everything BUT these really are grim to look at and they can do a lot of damage too. Chafer grubs are the young or larvae of garden chafer beetles (those brownish beetles which suddenly appear in large numbers in May and June and clatter against the windows […]

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elderly woman gardening

Benefits of Gardening For Elderly Women

New study claims Gardening offers elderly women various health benefits It is an unfortunate fact of life that as we age, our ability to exercise becomes limited. A more sedentary lifestyle also usually means weight gain, reduced stamina and a variety of other maladies that are consistent with old age. However, a new study has […]

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wallflower sugar rush

Winter Bedding Ideas To Inspire You

Winter Bedding Ideas   I don’t know about you, but I love to plan my winter bedding about now. I’ve popped some lovely yellow and red tiny pansies in a bed with some tulip bulbs, but my mind is more focused on my winter bedding ideas for next year. I like to plant my winter […]

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Compost heap

Easy Compost

Gardening Tip – For the week 26th Sept. – 2nd Oct. Are you wasting your waste? Are you old enough to remember when we used to put all our waste into a metal dustbin round the side of the house? Once a week a smiley gentleman with bib and brace or an overall used to […]

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Cosmic Cosmos!

Flower of the week from YOUR garden to YOUR table:   3rd Oct. – 9th Oct. Botanical Name: Cosmos.   Common Name: Cosmos We have already begun to experience many nights in single figures on the Celsius thermometer but I can still find a flower on the allotment that is as strong and showy as it always […]

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