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pumkin seeds

Using Your Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds

  Don’t Waste Those Pumkin Seeds! Gardening Tip – For the week 31st  Oct. – 6th  Nov. Over the past few years here in the U.K. we have copied our cousins across the ocean and we now practise Halloween full swing. At least we haven’t yet adopted the American egg throwing ceremony which I once […]

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hydrangea bush

Caring for Long Lived Hydrangea Flowers

The Long Lived Hydrangea Flower I think no other flower can match  the long lived hydrangea for longevity. I have had beautiful hydrangea blooms growing peacefully in my garden waiting to be picked for the past 3 months, during this time they have changed colour from blue to purple to mauve but only now when other flowers […]

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christmas gifts

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Gardener in Your Life

What Christmas Gift Would a Gardener Find Useful? I know, I know it’s only October, but the reality is that as soon as Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night are over thoughts naturally turn to the impending festive season. Of course it doesn’t help that the days are shorter, colder and every year it seems to […]

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Fallen leaves

What to do with all those fallen leaves?

Leafmould I’m always on the look out for a bargain, so something FREE is extra appealing. One of the most important factors in successful gardening is a healthy soil. It is simply fundamental for obvious reasons. Whether you mainly grow ornamentals or edibles, that healthy soil is the key to success. Gardening involves cropping and […]

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Toadstools in Turf

Toadstools in Turf I’ve more than a passing fascination with fungi  and at this time of year they can be hard to escape – they’re literally popping up everywhere and often causing a lot of distress, especially to those lawn-loving gardeners or when they suddenly appear  in a newly mulched flower border.  So if your […]

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daffodils bluebells

Free Daffodil bulb! Free Bluebell bulb!

How to Get a Free Native Bulbs   Yes, you read that correctly – English Heritage have teamed with De Jager to give a free native bulb, either daffodil or bluebell; to visitors at these sites: Audley End House and Gardens, Essex Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens, Northumberland Brodsworth Hall and Gardens, South Yorkshire The Home of […]

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planting garlic

Great, Gorgeous Garlic!

Garlic is great, gorgeous and good for you. What more could you ask for! Autumn garlic planting  is this month and next. If you’ve only ever planted early in the year before, take it from me, you can get some great crops from autumn planting, it often forms larger bulbs and is invariably ready to harvest […]

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bulb planting

Bulb planting 101

Comprehensive Guide to Bulb Planting   After the show of summer bedding and a bumper harvest comes bulb planting time! There is nothing quite like walking into a garden centre at this time of year and inhaling the scent of new bulb displays (obviously, I don’t recommend sniffing too close to the bulbs!) The crackle […]

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Chillis – preparing for Winter

Chillis – preparing for Winter As I’m sure all my readers know, I am very keen on my chillis. Each year I seem to manage to grow just a few more – encouraged by seed-swaps with lots of my friends. The trouble is that English Summers tend not to be either hot or long, and […]

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FloraBrite tools

Stop Losing Your Gardening Tools

Never lose another gardening tool again   As a keen gardener myself, I can personally vouch from talking to many of my esteemed colleagues who are also intrepid gardeners that losing gardening tools is an oft quoted problem for every gardener. Misplaced in the undergrowth or simply mislaid during the numerous gardening tasks, it’s an […]

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