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RHS Wisley Gardens

£4.8m for new projects at RHS Wisley

£4.8m for new projects at RHS Wisley   There is much excitement in the world of horticulture after RHS Wisley was awarded a £4.8m lottery grant. The grant was given from the Heritage Lottery Fund and is to be used by the RHS to: “further enhance its flagship garden, RHS Garden Wisley in Surrey.”   […]

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vegetable plot

Maintaining Your Vegetable Plot During the Holidays

Vegetable plot maintenance There  can be a tendency for things to start to slip downhill in August, especially if the weather is very hot or you’re off for a summer holiday but, with a little bit of effort you can get far better results and keep your vegetable plot as productive possible for as long […]

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holiday pic

Going on holiday? Don’t come back to a desert!

Many of us will be going on holiday for a week or two at this time of the year. We won’t be around to look after our plants so we have to arrange for alternative methods. Asking a neighbour to water your plants is of course the first idea that springs to mind, but when you […]

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Tree Lilly Yellow

Impress Your Neighbours With Goliath Lilies

Botanical Name: Lilium.     Common Name:  Goliath lilies or Tree lilies There are hundreds of lilies and the art of growing lilies to perfection is a hobby in itself, but in recent years plant breeders have crossed the oriental with the Asiatic lily and produced this goliath lily which surpasses all lilies that I know in […]

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community gardening

Shared green spaces are bringing communities together

Shared green spaces are bringing communities together   There have been so many schemes and projects that have looked at bringing communities together and encouraging people to grow food. The ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign from the British Ministry of Agriculture is probably the most well known. Shared green spaces all over the country were taken […]

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Keeping Tomatoes Performing to Perfection

Keeping Tomatoes Performing to Perfection By now you’ll no doubt have enjoyed some gorgeous home-grown tomatoes, it has been a good year for those in greenhouses but slightly less so for outdoor plants in my garden – the very slow arrival of summer followed by a heatwave has kept my outdoor tomato plants unusually small […]

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black currant jam

Easy Jam Making

Harvesting is underway, savour the glut! Our fruit bushes are bursting with fruit, but there is a only a certain amount of gooseberries that our family can eat, and some berries are not at all palatable so what are we going to do with all those fruits? The old, tried and tested way of fruit […]

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Easily Grow the Exotic Crocosmia

Above the ground all plants are relatively similar they all have leaves and flowers, just in different shapes and sizes. It is under the ground that their diversity becomes more distinct. Some plants have fibrous roots which are thin wiry roots travelling in all directions whilst others have a central tap root (looking similar to […]

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