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grim reaper

Scything: what is it and how to scythe?

Scything: what is it and how to scythe? (excuse the featured image – couldn’t resist it 🙂 )   There seems to be a bit of a resurgence for the older gardening methods. The nation has been a bit hot under the collar with the scything on Poldark! It is also well-documented that Prince Charles […]

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British positives from Brexit – Flower Power

British positives from Brexit Our wonderful flowers are now even better value!   There has been much doom and gloom in the news about Brexit and how it will affect daily life here in the UK. Having spoken to many British growers in the recent weeks, I am inclined to suggest that a minor resurgence […]

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Effective method to control the Red Spider Mite

Red spider mite If you’re growing plants in a greenhouse, frame or conservatory there’s a good chance you may get problems with red spider mite. Glasshouse red spider mite or two-spotted mite as it is also known is, to put it politely, a menace! The tiny greenish kaki mites (less than 1mm long)  feed on […]

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Tips on harvesting your soft fruits

Tips on harvesting your soft fruits  APRICOTS I spent a few days away from my allotment this week, and as I returned and walked into my poly tunnel I saw the apricots on my apricot tree looking fully ripened. At a closer inspection I saw the image in the picture!-  the ripest ones on the […]

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Fuscia Bush

Growing the spectacular Fuchsia Bush

Whilst I spent the last few days  enjoying the summer holidays with my grandchildren,  I took a visit to a local garden centre and a chill ran down my spine.  They have fully stocked their shelves with daffodil and narcissi bulbs!  I know the early bird catches the worm, but no, I am not going […]

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Pokémon Go and gardens?

Pokémon Go and gardens?   Public spaces must make the most of this latest craze!   If you have somehow managed to miss this current craze, then let me briefly explain.   Pokémon go: augmented reality game played on smartphones and tablets users ‘find’ and ‘catch’ the Pokémon characters the smartphone’s GPS and camera allow […]

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fuchsia gall mite

Fuschia Gall Mite – Microscopic Mischief Maker!!

Fuchsia gall mite Just the other day I was handed some photos of a very miserable looking fuchsia by a very miserable looking friend. Sadly I was left with the miserable task of telling him that yes, this was yet another case of a fuchsia gall mite (Aculops fuchsiae) infestation. This relatively new pest was […]

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apples on a tree

Ensure this year’s apple crop to be the best ever.

Ensure this year’s apple crop to be the best ever. Our fruit trees are beginning to show off their fruit. We can now clearly see the shape of our crop, and this year has been quite a good year for most of my fruit trees, there were very few late frosts and the fruit set […]

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lavatera bush

Growing the Lovely Lavatera – Mallow Bush

I enjoyed some time on the south coast this week. As I walked down the avenues of the quaint coastal villages the beautiful bushes clothed in flower caught my eye. I identified them as hibiscus bushes, and promptly decided that  I would come back home and pick some stems from my hibiscus flower  this weekend […]

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Sandringham Show and Foxgloves

Sandringham Show and Foxgloves   One of the highlights in my calendar is the Sandringham Show and after visiting on 27th July this year, I came away with some beautiful pots of foxgloves. Some might say that it is a bit late for foxgloves, but I think that there is still plenty of time to […]

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