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Vegetable gardening tips for beginners

Grow your own has long been a favoured pastime for many people, for various reasons. Not only the satisfaction of cultivating and eating your own produce, that you have carefully nurtured over several months, but also from the perspective of the quality of the food in terms of nutrients that you are able to control […]

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This Weeks Gardening Tip – Which Seeds Are Still Worth Planting?

Gardening Tip – For the week 4th  July – 10th July Which seeds are still worth planting? It is obviously a waste of time to sow seeds in July,  of  any flower  or vegetable that needs a long growing season, winter is round the corner and in the British Isles, few places are spared form […]

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This Weeks Flower – The Lovely Sweet William

At this time of the year I welcome in my garden a flower that reminds me of my childhood, the Sweet William.  It is another plant classed as a cottage garden plant and is hardly available in supermarkets, but it is really an easy plant to grow your self.   I can’t find a reliable reference […]

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