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Summer Apple Tree

Where have all the apples gone?

Where have all the apples gone? It used to be the case that ever corner you turned there would be an apple tree of some description. Whether the apples being grown were Bramleys for cooking, Pippins for eating, or crab apples for jelly, traditional apple orchards were everywhere! In the news this week has been […]

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Suffering with “Glasshouse Whitefly”; Read on:

Glasshouse Whitefly Glasshouse whitefly are, as their name implies, mainly a pest of greenhouses and other protected spaces such as conservatories, coldframes and porches but in a hot summer and especially in warmer parts of the country, they may sometimes attack plants in sheltered spots in the garden. This may not be something we’ve much […]

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jasmine flowers

Climbers that won’t suffocate your garden

Climbers that won’t suffocate your garden. Last week I gave a few examples of climbers that will cover a fence or a wall these were all high flyers that would reach 10 or 20 metres. This week we will concentrate on climbers for the smaller garden. As many of them are not so dense, their […]

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Growing the Wonderful Philadelphus

Growing the Wonderful Philadelphus Botanical Name: Philadelphus.    Common Name:   Mock Orange . The common name gives away its secret. It has a powerful fragrance similar to orange blossom. Imagine the smell of cutting into the peel of an orange. In full sunshine when the tree is in full flower the scent can be detected from […]

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He Sheds

He Sheds versus She Sheds!!

In the battle of she sheds vs. he sheds, who shall rise victorious?   Man caves are so last year. Those of you who are up-to-date will have already heard of them, but the new must have garden buildings are ‘she sheds’ and ‘he sheds.’ These are not sheds with a bit of Cuprinol splashed […]

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bananas flower

The Queen’s got bananas!

The Queen’s got bananas!               ….. well the plants anyway   Were you up watching ITV’s Good Morning Britain before 8am this morning? If you were, you were in for a treat! If not, here is the link to watch the program.   Buckingham Palace opens to the public tomorrow for its ‘Summer Opening’ […]

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Oriental greens for your winter vegetable garden

Oriental greens for your British winter vegetable garden Now is the time to begin sowing Oriental greens in your vegetable garden.  The second half of summer is ideal for planting these tasty salad leaves. The soil is still warm but the lessening daylight reduces the chance of the plants flowering and going to seed. All Oriental […]

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Swamp Milkweed

Boggy Ground? Make the most of it!

  Boggy Ground? Make the most of it! Here in Northern Ireland I hear people moaning all of the time about not being able to grow this and that in boggy soil. I think they are missing out! Here are some of my favourite plants that really thrive in this unique part of the world. […]

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herb gardening

Herb Gardening News

             Herb Gardening 11th July 2016 Herb gardening was given quite the advert this weekend at one of Central London’s many RHS shows, Hampton Court Flower Show.   With many herbs such as the Origanum (oregano) and Lavandula (lavenders) famalies flowering particularly well this year – great news for bees! […]

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Sweet peppers & Chilli peppers

Sweet peppers & Chilli peppers I love sweet peppers, it is as simple as that and, although I’m not one for eye-wateringly-spicy hot food, I do like to liven things up a bit with more subtle use of chilli peppers in my cooking too. Like many vegetables, it is too late in the season to […]

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