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Gardening Tip of the Week – Plant Out, Now or Never

For the week of 13th – 19th June. It is mid June and the thermometer should now show double figures even through the nights  until September. This is the growing period for most of our vegetables and  choice plants on the allotment. My polytunnel is bursting with plants that are outgrowing their pots and crying […]

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Gardening  Week  13th  – 19th June – Rhododendrons

I never intended including such a common shrub, as a rhododendron as an ornament for my home. I always thought, who bother to bring a flower that is available everywhere, and exists in nearly every garden, into my house .  But I changed my mind when  I walked past  a friends garden in my neighbourhood […]

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Beautiful Small Garden

10 Ways to Make the Most of a Small Garden

  Just because your garden is small doesn’t mean it can’t be a joy to behold. And small gardens also have the added bonus that they can be easily redesigned to suit your needs and mood. Here are our top tips for making the most of a small garden: Use Every Dimension Look carefully at […]

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Wildlife Garden

How to Attract Wildlife into the Garden

It is a sad fact that the wildlife which used to populate our gardens and countryside has declined alarmingly over the last few decades. Climate change, disease and diminishing habitats have all contributed to this. However, it is not all doom and gloom. Anyone and everyone can do their bit to encourage birds, butterflies, bees, […]

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Plant Your Pumpkins Now to Ensure a Delicious Autumn Crop

Still Time to Plant Pumpkins Summer is underway with the days still getting longer, so if you haven’t planted pumpkins yet there’s still (just) time to get growing. Easy to cultivate, these spectacular fruits are another crop great for beginners and children. They provide good ground cover, supressing weeds and keeping moisture in the soil […]

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Relaxing in the garden

Gardening Gadgets – How to get the most of your time in the garden

Gardening Gadgets – How to get the most of your time in the garden   Want to spend more time enjoying your garden than working in it? John Wright takes a look at several labour and time saving devices to make garden chores a little easier.   Although gardening is a favoured pastime for many […]

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potatoes in pots

Gardening Tip for the week 7th – 13th June

Is it too late to plant potatoes? No one can be unsuccessful with growing potatoes  – just put a potato in the ground and it will multiply  within a few months. ( I once forgot to plant a bag of potato seed and they grew a few small potatoes at the end of their roots […]

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Flower of the week from YOUR garden to YOUR table 6th – 12th June.

Herbaceous perennials are the group of plants that die down completely in the winter but their rhizomes or bulbs stay in the soil and surprise us with a new flush of leaves and flowers next summer.  Quite a few perennials have reached their flowering stage by the second week in June, but few can surpass […]

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Solomon's_Seal Sawfly larva

Avoid Disaster! Check your plants for Solomon’s Seal Sawfly today

Solomon’s Seal Sawfly Keep a close watch on your plants for sawfly damage at this time of year.  Solomon’s seal is unlucky enough to have a particularly serious sawfly pest whose larvae can strip it or the related Polygonatum plants bare.  The larvae feed in groups so severe damage happens very quickly as the greyish […]

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