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A Beautiful Lawn

Spruce Up Your Lawn

If there’s one part of your garden that has suffered the most in that last wet, miserable winter, chances are it’s the lawn. Whether you have grass (that doubles as a football practice/play/dog-exercising  area),  a bowling-green that’s your pride and joy or something in between, it will need your help. But what is it that […]

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A Basic Guide to Keeping Chickens

A Basic Guide to Keeping Chickens at Home For many years now there has been an increasing amount of interest for keeping chickens at the bottom of the garden. This is one of the ways the people can try and be self-sufficient, however there is a considerable amount of thought and hard work that needs […]

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Results of the Great British Bird Watch

The Results of the Big Garden Birdwatch The first Big Garden Birdwatch was conducted in 1979 and since then the population species of starling and song thrushes have dramatically declined. Every year the RSPB runs a survey which is known as the Big Garden Birdwatch. In January 2016 the thirty seventh annual survey was ran […]

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Focus on Cambridge Gardens

Cambridge is not just about studying and punting on the River Cam. There are many horticultural wonders to be visited as well. We will have a quick look at three quite different gardens; classical Victorian design, a wilderness, and a world-renowned botanical garden – take your pick! Christ’s Pieces If you are looking for inspiration […]

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british cut flowers

The British Cut Flower Revival; will it last?

Facts and figures In the UK, fresh cut flowers and indoor plant market is worth £2 billion (retail) per year. (It is interesting to note that the UK music industry is worth around £2 billion.) The average spend per person per year is £36 90% of cut flowers come from overseas 6,800 hectares of cut […]

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Companion Planting – Carrots

Companion Planting – Carrots A very wise person once said: “In nature everything interacts to create a whole life force. This is a basic understanding … that everything organic and living has a mutual influence on every other living thing.” The term companion planting refers to the selection of plants to be planted together for […]

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Beating Slugs and Snails – 10 Strategies that Work

Slugs and Snails. Words that strike terror into the hearts of gardeners everywhere. The most feared of all the garden pests, slugs and snails can destroy plants and flowers in matter of hours and are notoriously difficult to control. With their voracious appetite they will quickly strip a plant of its foliage, leaving destruction in […]

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When is the best time to prune?

When is the best time of the year to prune your Garden? Knowing the best time to prune will not only allow you to maintain a happy and healthy garden, it will also allow you to ensure that the aesthetic appeal of your plants, flowers and evergreens is always on point. Pruning your plants at […]

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Top 5 gardening gadgets of 2016

The Best Gardening Gadgets of 2016 As technology continues to advance at an unprecedented rate, the way we carry out everyday tasks such as communicating, cleaning and even gardening are changing. Today, there are a whole host of high tech gardening tools and equipment that will help you to garden the smart way. Embracing the […]

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Planting Peas, Mange Tout and Broad Beans

Broad beans, peas and mangetout favour the cooler growing conditions of early summer as their seeds germinate at low temperatures. While days are getting longer and warming up, nights and soil are still too cool for many crops but these attractive, tasty and nutritious vegetables are easy to cultivate so great for beginners and experienced […]

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