April 22, 2018


Pretoria/Guateng/South Africa
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Contact us for prices. We offer a lots of excellent rare plants seeds at extremely good prices. We export healthy and fertile seeds such as Cycas Revoluta, Encephalartos ( especially blue leaves) and other interesting species such as Encephalartos latifrons,Encephalartos cycadifolius. You can see our list below to help you make a good order.

Cycas Revoluta
Encephalartos Lanatus
Encephalartos Cupidus
Encephalartos dolomiticus
Encephalartos horridus
Encephalartos ferox
Encephalartos nubimontanus
Encephalartos altensteinii
Encephalartos hirsutus
Encephalartos heenanii
Encephalartos princeps
Encephalartos Arenarius
Encephalartos Lanatus
Encephalartos middleburgensis
Encephalartos cycadifolius
Encephalartos Eugene-marasii
Encephalartos latifrons
Encephalartos ghellinckii
Encephalartos lehmannii
Encephalartos dyerianus
Encephalartos longifolius
Encephalartos trispinosus