June 20, 2018

Winter struck hard

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    Nancy on: 24th May 2018 at 11:17 am #17229

    Our garden is messed up.

    We recently bought a condo in Mississauga with a rather large backyard. It’s been only around 2 years but the snowstorm from January killed a major portion of it. Well, we didn’t anticipate it, were unprepared and so, the blame is on us. Anyway, I’m thinking of filling up the damaged parts by buying landscaping materials from a company that sells lawn maintenance services. I think mulches and interlocking paver stones would work, to carve out a path through the middle of the garden which looks yellow.
    The other two portions can be treated and nourished. However, some plants have benefited from the effects of the snow but the overall condition looks terrible. Any suggestions on what needs to be done next? I’ve never owned a house with a large garden which is why I’m a rookie at all this.

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