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When to Prepare Your Summer Beds

 (Spring) Cleaning Now – Prepare Your Summer Bedding Weed, Weed, Weed! Although the summer solstice is about to descend on us, now is the time to finish spring cleaning your gardening. The beginning of spring is definitely the right time to spring clean one’s house, our gardens have a self cleansing mechanism during that period. […]

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Are Evergreen Plants Really Ever-Green?

Evergreen Shrubs in the Garden  Evergreen plants get a mixed bag of comments, many people look at them as the lazy gardeners’ method of creating a garden without working and they don’t belong in a ‘real’ garden. Some people feel they are so architectural you might as well put an artificial plant in their place. […]

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Growing the Beautiful Dicentra Spectabilis – Dutchman’s Breeches!

Dicentra  Spectabilis is a  flower that I love to cut every year. It is worth having a garden just alone for this beautiful flower . Due to its delicate constitution it is practically impossible find it in the shops as a cut flower, yet it will grow easily in any garden and it will last […]

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Garden Zones – Rooms in Your Garden

Some people have ‘garden rooms’, this season it’s all about ‘rooms’ in your garden! There is nothing I enjoy more than relaxing in my garden with a few friends and a few drinks(!), and with summer on its way, I’ve been thinking more and more about how I can create zones in my garden to […]

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A Beautiful Lawn

How To Care For My Lawn In Spring

Spring Lawn care Once the frosts have stopped, your lawn will start to come into its own and you must get to work if you are to have a beautiful lawn this season. Regular maintenance is key. Lawn care jobs that need doing now Mowing Hopefully it is fairly obvious that if you have a […]

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Best Gardening Gloves 2017 – Buyers Guide

I hope you’ll agree with me when I say: Gardening is not possible today without a good pair of gardening gloves… Or is it? Well, there is only ONE problem. Finding that “Good” pair of gardening gloves isn’t an easy job. That is why we have created a list of Best Gardening Gloves 2017. After […]

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Best Bulbs to Plant with Children

Fast Growing Summer Bulbs Which Children Will Enjoy It is always good to pass on our love for gardening to our children, but if we want their gardening enthusiasm to stay with them for life we need to give them the extra carrot! Sowing parsnip seeds which will take 3 weeks to germinate and another […]

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Advantages of No Dig Gardening

No dig advantages Most soil already has a good structure for plant roots to grow, and is full of growth-promoting organisms, which actually do not work so well after being disturbed. Millions of fungal threads, earthworms, millipedes and amphibians, to name but a few, are being helpful right under our feet. Soil is a living […]

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Last Spring Pruning

Final Spring Pruning is best done towards the end of March It is advisable not to prune certain bushes in the winter as during an early warm spell this will induce an immediate lush growth that will be killed by a hard frost and there aren’t always new buds below for the plant to fall back on. […]

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Gardening – Little & Often

Being there, little and often   The most successful approach to gardening is bit by bit, with continual, small successes that build confidence, interest and a great garden. Dig this? A common beginning is to dig the soil. It gives exercise and looks nice! However the sequel is less fun, endless weeding and coping with […]

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