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PH Soil Test

Do You Know Your Soil’s PH Value?

Soil pH testing  When you are designing your garden, it is really important to know what soil type you will be planting into and the pH of your soil. If you have alkaline soil, you won’t be able to grow blue hydrangeas, for example. What is soil?  “The upper layer of earth in which plants […]

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Straw Bale Gardening

Straw Bale Gardening – What is it?

Straw Bale Gardening – What is it?   As a keen gardener, especially in between journalistic projects, I am always keen to explore different ideas and one which recently cropped up in conversation was Straw Bale Gardening.   Although straw bale gardening has been around for sometime, the sixties in fact, there is surprisingly very […]

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Topiary – You CAN Do It!

Topiary  There are few skills in the garden that produce results as breathtaking as well-executed topiary. Hedge topiary Along the old A3 route near Petersfield in Hampshire is an incredible hedge that I have seen clipped as a dragon for a very long time. The hedge itself is at least 20 foot long and 6 […]

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Gardening In May

Jobs For May 8 Seasonal Tips

The UK had some very varied weather in April, and May is promising to be just as unsettled! Whatever the weather though, there are plenty of jobs to be getting on with in May. Preparing beds Now is the time to put some love into preparing the beds for your summer bedding. You will reap […]

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A Beautiful Lawn

Spruce Up Your Lawn

If there’s one part of your garden that has suffered the most in that last wet, miserable winter, chances are it’s the lawn. Whether you have grass (that doubles as a football practice/play/dog-exercising  area),  a bowling-green that’s your pride and joy or something in between, it will need your help. But what is it that […]

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Companion Planting – Carrots

Companion Planting – Carrots A very wise person once said: “In nature everything interacts to create a whole life force. This is a basic understanding … that everything organic and living has a mutual influence on every other living thing.” The term companion planting refers to the selection of plants to be planted together for […]

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Beating Slugs and Snails – 10 Strategies that Work

Slugs and Snails. Words that strike terror into the hearts of gardeners everywhere. The most feared of all the garden pests, slugs and snails can destroy plants and flowers in matter of hours and are notoriously difficult to control. With their voracious appetite they will quickly strip a plant of its foliage, leaving destruction in […]

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When is the best time to prune?

When is the best time of the year to prune your Garden? Knowing the best time to prune will not only allow you to maintain a happy and healthy garden, it will also allow you to ensure that the aesthetic appeal of your plants, flowers and evergreens is always on point. Pruning your plants at […]

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April jobs for your kitchen garden

Whatever the weather, there are jobs you can be getting on with in April in your kitchen garden. Vegetables If you are planning any seed sowing straight into the ground, wait until your lawn begins to put on some length. This is a good indication that your soil is warming up. Weeds! As with every […]

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summer house

Things to consider if you’re building your own summer house

Tips for Building a Summer House If you’re lucky enough to have the space to accommodate a summer house in your garden, it can be a great way to create an outdoor extension of your home – providing the perfect space to relax, socialise, and even work, whilst enjoying the surroundings of your garden. And […]

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