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Growing Berries February – Februberry ‘18

Soft berries are the mainstay of the allotment outline, either a few bushes dotted around the corners, or a long row used as a dividing hedge made up of various berry bearing bushes. Fresh soft berries do not keep well in transit and they are  time consuming to pick leaving little profit for the commercial gardener. Supermarkets […]

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Ingenious Use for Wood Chips in the Garden

Gardening Tip – February ‘18 Long before 1992, when Janet Jackson made a hit of “The best things in life are free”, Jack Hylton was singing it into his gramophone in 1928. His lyrics included the sun, moon and stars, all of them are there for all of us to enjoy, without having to pay […]

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Happiness, Health and Hope: Surprising Secrets You Didn’t Know About Gardening

Most of you love getting out in the garden as often as you can; growing plants, flowers and vegetables are some of your favourite pastimes. Everyone might agree that gardening is one of the most enjoyable outdoor hobbies you can pursue. It is a way of getting young ones outside with your and letting them […]

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January – Prepare Your Greenhouse for Spring

January is definitely the lazy month for the gardener, sandwiched between the last harvest and the first sowing, many people find the ground too heavy to dig especially with the high recent rainfall, leaving even the most contentious allotmenteer with little to do on their plot. However, the bright sunshine at the beginning of this […]

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Planning Your Garden’s Design – You can garden. Part 2

Five top tips to consider when planning your garden’s design: goal-orientated design 1. Decide what you want to do in your garden. Do you want a garden for your children to play football in or one that will accommodate as many people as possible for BBQ parties? Do you want a garden to show off […]

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Lanscaped Garden

Five essential elements of successful garden design – You can garden. Part 1

Anyone can garden – having a green thumb is a myth The myth of the ‘green thumb’: you can garden! Don’t know where to start? No green blood in your veins? Can’t keep ‘even’ a houseplant alive? Of course, you can’t actually be born with green fingers, but is it something that some people have and […]

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What should I be doing in my garden in November

Essential November Gardening Jobs Sow Sweetpea Seeds Sweetpeas, what’s not to love? Fabulous colours, wonderful perfume, fast growing, bee-magnets! You can get next year’s plants off to a head start by sowing the seeds now and get even better performing plants if you can keep their roots undisturbed when planting out next year. It is really […]

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Should I be using glyphosate based weed killer in my garden?

As an avid gardener and proponent of grow your own, I have always tried to focus on organic methods of growing. By organic I mean limiting the use of raw chemicals, so I would use horse manure as a fertiliser rather than buying a chemical preparation, granted that it is the chemicals (mostly nitrogen) in […]

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Gardening Jobs for October

October Gardening Tips   As the temperatures drop, you will find that you need to mow the lawn less and less frequently.  Always make sure that you only mow when the surface of the lawn is relatively dry or else you may cause compaction and damage the turf grasses, making them more prone to diseases […]

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When to Prepare Your Summer Beds

 (Spring) Cleaning Now – Prepare Your Summer Bedding Weed, Weed, Weed! Although the summer solstice is about to descend on us, now is the time to finish spring cleaning your gardening. The beginning of spring is definitely the right time to spring clean one’s house, our gardens have a self cleansing mechanism during that period. […]

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