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bedding plants

Tip for the week :  30th May – 5th June. Buying bedding Plants

Buying Bedding Plants  It has become a ritual for many of us to spend end of May Bank Holiday with a trip down to the garden centre to seek out our summer bedding plants. The frosts have gone until next autumn and our gardens can once again be adorned with these brilliant flowers. Whether it […]

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Grow your own delicious sweetcorn

  Sweetcorn is amazingly easy to grow and the quality of the cobs grown at home is entirely different to even the freshest ones you can buy. It’s simple really – as soon as the cob is picked the sugars in the kernels start to be converted to starch, so  spoiling the flavour! Grow them […]

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greening grey britain

Green your own bit of grey Britain: 5 top tips

Green your own bit of grey Britain: 5 top tips   At this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show, the RHS feature garden was all about promoting the theme of ‘Greening Grey Britain’. The garden’s designer, Ann-Marie Powell, was tasked with creating a garden to be part of the nation-wide call to action. Her garden is […]

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marrow plants

Gardening Tip of the Week 23rd-30th May

The weather forecast has been kind to us this week and it forecasts over 7 degrees at night even for the Northern Counties. This should eliminate the risk of frost and it is time to plant out your courgette plants. I would wait a couple of weeks with outdoor cucumber plants as they are slightly […]

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Flower of the week 23 – 30 May. From YOUR garden to YOUR table!

At this time of the year when the seasons are changing, the spring bulbs are now past their best and the summer flowers have not yet emerged, I like to  turn to flowering shrubs to enhance my home . Flowering shrubs are so under rated as flowers for the home, this is  because they are […]

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Straw Bale Gardening

Straw Bale Gardening – What is it?

Straw Bale Gardening – What is it?   As a keen gardener, especially in between journalistic projects, I am always keen to explore different ideas and one which recently cropped up in conversation was Straw Bale Gardening.   Although straw bale gardening has been around for sometime, the sixties in fact, there is surprisingly very […]

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Urban Gardening

Urban Garden ideas – Is it a fad?

Urban Garden ideas – Is it a fad?   Living in a city like London, means that space is at a premium, especially outside space. As a freelance journalist, much of my time is spent at home, researching and writing, for various media agencies and specific newspapers. Recently I was asked to research the trend […]

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A Beautiful Lawn

Spruce Up Your Lawn

If there’s one part of your garden that has suffered the most in that last wet, miserable winter, chances are it’s the lawn. Whether you have grass (that doubles as a football practice/play/dog-exercising  area),  a bowling-green that’s your pride and joy or something in between, it will need your help. But what is it that […]

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A Basic Guide to Keeping Chickens

A Basic Guide to Keeping Chickens at Home For many years now there has been an increasing amount of interest for keeping chickens at the bottom of the garden. This is one of the ways the people can try and be self-sufficient, however there is a considerable amount of thought and hard work that needs […]

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Focus on Cambridge Gardens

Cambridge is not just about studying and punting on the River Cam. There are many horticultural wonders to be visited as well. We will have a quick look at three quite different gardens; classical Victorian design, a wilderness, and a world-renowned botanical garden – take your pick! Christ’s Pieces If you are looking for inspiration […]

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