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Trialling Stanley’s New Petrol Hedge Trimmer

Stanley Tools New Power Gardening Tools “Stanley” the household name for quality hand tools; and if you didn’t know the ubiquitous Stanley Knife actually takes its name from Frederick Trent Stanley who founded “Stanley Bolt Manufacturing” in 1843. Fortunately for us gardeners they have now started producing garden power tools. As a keen gardener and […]

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When to Prepare Your Summer Beds

 (Spring) Cleaning Now – Prepare Your Summer Bedding Weed, Weed, Weed! Although the summer solstice is about to descend on us, now is the time to finish spring cleaning your gardening. The beginning of spring is definitely the right time to spring clean one’s house, our gardens have a self cleansing mechanism during that period. […]

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Best Gardening Books (July 2017) – Reviews & Buyers Guide

Here at GoTo4Gardening, we think that there is nothing that beats a day in the garden. Second to this, is reading all about our favourite hobby! Whether you prefer a Kindle or a ‘real’ book, there are some great reads out there and some really stunning specialist books. One of the great things about books […]

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Best Hedge Trimmers (March 2018) – Buyers Guide

Are you ready to give your hedges their spring trim? Our selection of Best Hedge Trimmers and our Hedge Trimmers Buyer’s Guide will help if you’re thinking of buying a new machine to trim your hedges this spring. Please note that different hedges have different recommended trimming times – new evergreen hedges are best pruned in the […]

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father son barbeque

Best BBQ’s (July 2017) – Buyers Guide

A BBQ in your back garden used to bring to mind burnt sausages with raw middles, dodgy burger buns, and a limp lettuce leaf. No longer is this the case! With the technology available in these modern BBQs, gourmet cooking is now achievable, and mass catering without the food poisoning (we think that’s a bonus!)  […]

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Best Greenhouses 2018 – Buyers Guide

A greenhouse can be seen by many as a luxury item in your garden. Here at GoTo4Gardening, we think that the variety available on the market today means that this no longer need to be the case. Here is a comparison table showing the most popular greenhouses currently being sold on Amazon in the UK. […]

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Best Loppers 2018 – Buyers Guide

If you need to prune anything more than an arms reach away, you’ll need a pair of loppers, and there is quite a choice out there! As with everything ‘garden’ you will need to consider the type of job that you will be doing with your loppers. This comparison table shows the 10 most popular […]

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Are Evergreen Plants Really Ever-Green?

Evergreen Shrubs in the Garden  Evergreen plants get a mixed bag of comments, many people look at them as the lazy gardeners’ method of creating a garden without working and they don’t belong in a ‘real’ garden. Some people feel they are so architectural you might as well put an artificial plant in their place. […]

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Growing the Beautiful Dicentra Spectabilis – Dutchman’s Breeches!

Dicentra  Spectabilis is a  flower that I love to cut every year. It is worth having a garden just alone for this beautiful flower . Due to its delicate constitution it is practically impossible find it in the shops as a cut flower, yet it will grow easily in any garden and it will last […]

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Best Hosepipes 2017 – Buyers Guide

Isn’t a hosepipe just a hosepipe? – No! If you are a keen gardener with more than the smallest of ‘postage stamp’ gardens, you will at some stage need to buy a hosepipe. So you settle down and have a bit of a Google to find a great price. Uh oh! Who knew there was […]

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