November 17, 2017

Best Secateurs for Pruning 2017 – Buyers Guide

Ever tried gardening without a pair of secateurs? Impossible, hey?!  So I think we’re agreed that you need a decent pair of secateurs, but how to go about choosing the pair that is right for you; there are some many out there!

Below is a table comparing popular secateurs for sale on Amazon at the moment.

# Preview Product Description Rating Price
1 Wilkinson Sword Aluminium Bypass Pruner Wilkinson Sword Aluminium Bypass Pruner
  • Clean bypass cutting action
  • Non stick blades
  • Central catch for left or right handed use
  • 20mm cutting capacity
  • Aluminium body with soft grips
280 Reviews £9.96
2 Davaon® Pro Geared Secateurs Set in Box - 20% Less Effort Anvil Bypass Garden Pruners - Razor Sharp Precise - Ergonomic Comfort - Lightweight But Strong - Long Lasting Gardening Pruning Tool Davaon® Pro Geared Secateurs Set in Box - 20% Less Effort Anvil Bypass Garden Pruners - Razor Sharp...
  • ✔ MORE CUT LESS EFFORT - Latest Geared System Helps Reduce Effort By Up To 20% Compared To Standard Garden Secateurs For Reduced Strain Less Fatigue During Pruning. Making These Ideal For Both Short and Longer Garden Trimming Tasks as They Reduce The Chances Of Hand Ache and Blisters
  • ✔ BEST OF BOTH PRUNER TYPES - With This Set You Get Both Bypass and Anvil Secateurs Making This Set Ideal for Live Dead Dried Out and Woody Stems and Branches, Plants, Hedges. The Bypass Is A Garden Scissor Like Action and Is Best For Live Stems and Less Likely To Harm Them. The Anvil Action Grips The Branch For Accurate Cutting and Great For Woody Stems and Branches
  • ✔ SHARPER BLADES SLICE EASIER - Both Pruners Have Heat Treated and Hardened SK5 Carbon Steel Blades That Are Ultra Strong, Sharper, Slice Through Easily and Will Last Longer, Less Likely To Nick or Need Frequent Sharpening. Non Stick Coated To Resist Sap and Other Sticky Materials To Makes These Pruning Secateurs The Right Pruning Tools
  • ✔ ERGONOMIC COMFORT & BUILT TO LAST - Ergonomic Soft Grip Handles For A Better Comfort Fit, Fibreglass Handles For Lighter Weight Strength and Rust Resistance and Designed To Last, Convenient Soft Grip Index Finger Placement On Lower Handle, Secure Easy To Use Thumb Safety Lock, Shock Absorbing Spring, For Men & Women Giving Best All Round Quality Garden Clipper Benefits
  • ✔ 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Money Back Guarantee - Davaon Offers Outstanding UK Customer Service So You Can Order With Confidence 7 Days a Week. This Quality Gardening Secateurs Set Comes In A Box Perfect For Gift Present Idea For Gardener Friends and Family So CICK ADD TO BASKET as You Won't Be Disappointed With This Garden Tool Set
30 Reviews £21.99
3 Felco FEL2  Model  2 Original Secateurs Felco FEL2 Model 2 Original Secateurs
  • Forged aluminium alloy handles
  • Manually adjustable centre-nut for aligning play between heat treated steel cutting and riveted anvil blades
  • Wire cutting notch
  • Cushion and shock absorber to protect the hand and wrist
  • Lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects
1316 Reviews £48.18
4 Spear & Jackson W223 Razorsharp Telescopic Tree Pruner Spear & Jackson W223 Razorsharp Telescopic Tree Pruner
  • Telescopic Tree Pruner with SK5 carbon steel blade stays sharp for longer
  • Variable length telescopic handle extends up to 234 cm
  • Lopper for cutting branches up to 30 mm
  • 33 cm (13 inch) saw for cutting larger branches
954 Reviews £27.99
5 Davaon® Pro Secateurs Set + Multi Tool Sharpener - 2 in 1 Ratchet Anvil + Ergonomic Bypass + Sharpener For Garden Tools & Knives. Less Effort Comfort Pruners Best For Pruning Plants, Hedges, Trees - Strong Sharp High Quality Davaon® Pro Secateurs Set + Multi Tool Sharpener - 2 in 1 Ratchet Anvil + Ergonomic Bypass +...
  • ✔BEST OF BOTH PRUNER TYPES - With This Set You Get Bypass and Anvil Secateurs Making This Ideal for Live Dead Dried Out and Woody Stems and Branches, Plants, Hedges. The Bypass Is A Garden Scissor Like Action and Is Best For Live Stems and Less Likely To Harm Them. The Anvil Type Grips The Branch For Accurate Cutting and Great For Woody Stems Dead or Brittle Branches. Both Have Super Sharp Stronger SK5 Carbon Steel Blades to Slice Through Easily
  • ✔LESS EFFORT RATCHET SECATEURS - 5 TIMES CUTTING POWER - Ratcheting mechanism multiplies hand's power up to 5 times, so you don't have to do all the work. Squeeze - they latch - release - squeeze again to perform cuts in easy pressure increasing steps rather than one go. PLUS Quickly switch to single cut mode when ratchet function is not needed on thinner stems. These Anvil Secateurs can easily cut thicker tree branches stems that regular garden pruners would stand no chance against
  • ✔ERGONOMIC COMFORT SHARP BYPASS - Non Slip Ergonomic Handles Designed To Give You A More Natural Hand Grip That Increases Comfort, Makes It Easier To Hold & Lessen Fatigue During Longer Use, So Your Hand Won't Ache As Much. This Garden Secateur Helps to Decrease The Chance of Repetitive Motion Injuries, with Shock Absorbing Pads, and The Angled Bypass Secateurs Head Reduces Wrist Bending. Ideal for live plants.
  • ✔MULTI TOOL GARDEN & KITCHEN SHARPENER TO EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR TOOLS - The Davaon® quick 2 sided, coarse and fine, hardened steel diamond coated sharpening tool can help extend the life of your garden tools and kitchen knives. It can bring your blunt gardening scissors shears, kitchen knives and blades back to life in no time. By properly maintaining your tools you will extend their life and save money by not having buying new ones so soon
  • ✔100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Order with confidence! Davaon 24/7 customer service is outstanding and you won't be disappointed with this Garden Tool Set. Makes a perfect gardening gift present for gardener friends & family. SEE SPECIAL OFFERS BELOW For Discounts When Combining With Other Davaon Products. CLICK ADD TO BASKET now and enjoy at great saving
3 Reviews £32.99
6 Spear & Jackson 6758GS Razorsharp Geared Anvil Secateurs Spear & Jackson 6758GS Razorsharp Geared Anvil Secateurs
  • Anvil action secateurs ideal for use on thicker, dead or woody stems
  • Geared action for easier cutting
  • Lightweight cast aluminium body
  • PTFE coated SK5 steel blade for lasting sharpness, smooth cutting and resistance to rust
  • 10 year guarantee
723 Reviews £14.13
7 Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Geared Hedge Shears Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Geared Hedge Shears
  • Geared mechanism for easier cutting - less user effort required
  • Hardened carbon steel blades for durability
  • Lightweight aluminium handles finished with non-slip comfortable grips
  • PTFE coated upper blade for rust resistance and smooth cutting
  • 10 year guarantee
314 Reviews £20.00
8 Secateurs, Ratchet Anvil Style Shears, Made For Weak Hands But Strong Enough For Any Pruning Application – Garden Pruners, This Tool Makes A Great Gift For Gardeners Secateurs, Ratchet Anvil Style Shears, Made For Weak Hands But Strong Enough For Any Pruning...
  • NO MORE PAINFUL PRUNING! - If you have a weak grip or hand pain from Arthritis or have other mobility problems but still love to garden, these are for you
  • QUICK AND EASY CUTTING! - The unique and effective ratchet mechanism uses leverage to make cuts with a fraction of the effort of conventional pruners
  • DEVELOPED BY PROFESSIONAL GARDENERS! - With over 30 years of experience in a family-run nursery, The Gardener's Friends developed the perfect pruning shears, and this is the result
  • PERFECT FOR TRIMMING FLOWERS, TREES AND SHRUBS! -- The ratchet system in these pruners can cut things as small as flower blossoms to 1 inch thick branches like a hot knife through butter
  • GREAT FOR SENIOR GARDENERS! -- As we age, things become harder to do; these secateurs have an ergonomic design that makes handling and using them pain free, safe and simple
46 Reviews £12.95
9 Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Adjustable Width Bypass Secateurs Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Adjustable Width Bypass Secateurs
  • Two adjustable widths
  • Smaller handle width, ideal for ladies
  • SK5 carbon steel blades
  • PTFE coated blades for rust resistance and smooth cutting
  • Ergonomic soft grip handles
293 Reviews £16.49
10 Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Ratchet Anvil Secateurs 6358RS Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Ratchet Anvil Secateurs 6358RS
  • Ratchet action means easy pruning in 4 short steps
  • Lightweight cast aluminium body
  • PTFE coated high carbon steel blade
  • Metal locking catch
447 Reviews £12.95

We have scoured the market and have found our top ten secateurs for 2017. Read on to find out more.

Secateurs TypeSecateurs NameWhere Can I buy?
Best Secateurs to Buy in 2017Felco FEL2 Model 2 Original SecateursOrder Online
Best Ratchet SecateursRatchet Secateurs by Greenco GardeningOrder Online
Best Scissor Type SecateursFiskars UK 1000555 S92 18 cm Universal Garden ScissorsOrder Online
Best Secateurs for FloristsOasis - Florist Pruning ScissorsOrder Online
Best Bargain SecateursSHINE HAI® Pro Bypass SecateursOrder Online
Best Anvil Type SecateursSpear & Jackson 6758GS Razorsharp Geared Anvil SecateursOrder Online
Best Pocket SecateursApples to Pears Folding Pocket SecateursOrder Online
Best Bonsai SecateursTobisho Pruning Shears Type A Bracket Stop 200mmOrder Online
Best Secateurs for the absent minded!Briers Pruner and Pouch – PinkOrder Online
Best Luxury SecateursHidehisa Garden Secateurs H-1Order Online

Best secateurs 2017

The following ten pairs of secateurs cover the price brackets, but whatever your budget and need, there should be something here for you. They are all tried and tested models of secateurs that are sure to please even the most discerning of gardeners.

1. Felco FEL2 Model 2 Original Secateurs – Best secateurs to Buy in 2017

Product Description

The Felco secateurs are one of the most reliable pairs on the market, and have been since 1945! The Swiss precision is second to none, and the whole range of Felco secateurs are world-renowned. Whether you are looking for a pair of secateurs for your garden or if you are a professional gardener, we really think that these are the best choice! There are several different Felco numbered secateurs, but their no2 model is at the top of our list because quite simply, they are the pair that ticks every box for daily use. Every part of these secateurs is replaceable, and Felco are well known for their servicing and repairs. A pair of Felco secateurs is money well spent!

2. Ratchet Secateurs by Greenco Gardening – Best secateurs: ratchet secateurs

Product Description

Sometimes you need just that extra bit of help when cutting through a tricky stem in your garden. This is where ratchet secateurs come into play. The Greenco Gardening ratchet secateurs are designed in the most comfortable and ergonomic way and feature a high locking mechanism. These secateurs are designed with the user in mind. The wrist strain that can be found when using secateurs will be long gone with the use of these ratchet secateurs. When you make the first squeeze of these ratchet secateurs, release slightly and the ratchet will latch. Repeat until the stem is cut. These ratchet secateurs really are a pleasure to use.

3. Fiskars UK 1000555 S92 18 cm Universal Garden Scissors  – Best secateurs: the scissors

Product Description

Yes, OK, these are scissors and not secateurs. That being said, the Fiskars scissors are absolute design classics that are more than capable of many of the lightweight gardening jobs that you might otherwise choose secateurs for. The precise cut of the carbon steel blades makes light work of thinner stems, and therefore these scissors are more than worthy of a place on our top ten secateurs for 2017.

4. Oasis – Florist Pruning Scissors – Best secateurs for florists

Product Description

Choosing the right tool for the job is one of the most important decisions to make when working in the garden. Many of you will be growing plants to cut them. These florist pruning scissors look and work like a quality pair of secateurs and are strong and easy to use. Whether you cut stems purely for your own enjoyment, or are a professional florist, these secateurs are the secateurs for you. We love the bright yellow handle that is the mark of a pair of quality Oasis secateurs. Right or left handed, these are great for both; I’m ambidextrous and have used them happily in both hands.

5. SHINE HAI® Pro Bypass Secateurs – Best secateurs: the bargain pair

Product Description

There are some people out there (not naming names!) who lose secateurs on a weekly basis. For that reason, we reviewed the secateurs on the lower end of the price range and found these beauties that we had not heard of before. The blade on these secateurs is made from carbon steel meaning that they are antibacterial and anti-rust; a great choice especially if you are pruning more delicate stems or fruit. A pleasant surprise from something with such a low price was the comfort of the grip. These secateurs have a nice little touch in an adjustable hand width, making them perfect regardless of the size of your hand!

6. Spear & Jackson 6758GS Razorsharp Geared Anvil Secateurs – Best secateurs: anvil secateurs

Product Description

Spear and Jackson have long been known for producing quality tools, and this lovely pair of secateurs are no departure from this reputation. These anvil secateurs are geared and combined it a coated steel cutting blade, mean that the cut is a smooth and enjoyable experience. Forget wrist ache with these lightweight secateurs. The aluminium construction and comfy grip mean that you can happily work all day long with these secateurs and concentrate on the job at hand.

7. Apples to Pears Folding Pocket Secateurs – Best secateurs: the pocket edition

Product Description

I hadn’t heard of this brand before researching the different types of secateurs available today. These brilliant folding pocket secateurs fold down to a tiny 3x9cm and come with a handy pouch. These folding pocket secateurs are small but mighty and easily cut through a stem of 15mm – we were impressed! There is more! Hiding away in the handle of these folding pocket secateurs are two more great gardening tools; a mini saw and a gardening knife. Great value for money pair of secateurs!

8. Tobisho Pruning Shears Type A Bracket Stop 200mm – Best secateurs for bonsai trimming

Product Description

If you are going to take the time and effort to grow and tend to a bonsai, you need the right kit. An essential part of this outfit is a quality pair of secateurs. For Japanese bonsai, we look to Japan for a quality pair of bonsai secateurs. The hand forging tradition behind these secateurs really shines through when you hold them in your hand. The polished upper blade glides through the bonsai stems and leaves a clean and perfectionist-approved finish. These are also stunning to look at; a lot of pride has gone into the development of these secateurs.

9. Briers Pruner and Pouch – Pink – Best secateurs for some colour!

Product Description

From the sublime Japanese secateurs to the ridiculous bright pink secateurs! Gardening is meant to be fun, and Briers have decided to bring some fun into your tools. Briers are well known for making quality tools; so don’t let the silly colour distract you from what are actually a quality pair of secateurs. One feature provided with these is the unique pouch design; it has a pocket for your mobile phone – now don’t say we don’t give you everything on this site!! Inject a bit of fun into your gardening tools and treat yourself to a pair of Briers bright pink secateurs.

10. Hidehisa Garden Secateurs H-1 – Best secateurs: the dream pair

Product Description

While Felco secateurs are my true love, there is room for lust with my gardening tools. These Japanese secateurs are just to die for. They are simple, yet stunning secateurs forged from just one piece of metal. They are bliss in your hand. The cutting blade remains sharp for a very long time and cuts beautifully. They are just outstandingly beautiful to look at. Not just that, but these secateurs are under 200g meaning that they are also lightweight and a pleasure to work with for long periods of time. The walnut handle oozes quality and looks stunning; the quality of these secateurs is obvious.

The Buyers Guide for Secateurs

There are several considerations that need to be thought through before you invest in a pair of secateurs. Don’t rush your decision; take your time to decide which are the perfect quality secateurs for you and your gardening style.

Choosing the best pair of secateurs for YOU

Your neighbour might have a pair of secateurs that they swear by, but you are choosing a pair of secateurs that are right for you. Think about the size of the handle, the length of the blade and what will work best for you. Think about how you are going to use your secateurs and the best option available for your budget. A quality pair of secateurs have to be durable; you will be spending your hard earned money on these, make sure they are going to last and are capable of regular use in your garden.

This buyers guide to secateurs will review the features that you need to consider when choosing a quality pair of secateurs; make sure you know exactly what you are looking for!

It’s all about the hold

Hold as many different pairs of secateurs as you can get your hands on. All of the different makes and models will feel different to hold. Don’t make gardening a miserable activity, choose a pair of secateurs that fit your hands and enjoy working in your garden. While secateurs will require a little bit of use before they settle into work if they feel uncomfortable or awkward when you hold them, they will never be the right secateurs for you. Think about the types of stems you will be cutting as this might suggest ratchet secateurs over garden scissors.

How to choose and buy Secateurs Online

Now you’ve read the above, get looking online for a bargain! To make this easy for you, we’ve linked to the best price we could find for the individual secateurs in their description (see how lovely we are?!) Double/triple/quadruple check that the item online is the pair of secateurs that you are looking for, click, and zoom, you’ll have a wonderful new pair of secateurs in your hand before you can say …

Secateurs for small hands vs. secateurs for big hands

What are small hands, what are big hands? Again, the only way to decide is to hold several pairs of secateurs. Once you have got a feel for the type of secateurs you are looking for, your search will be made a lot easier. If you click on the links we have provided and the secateurs are not quite the right size for you, have a look at the other models by that brand, with the bigger brands you are almost certain to find a wonderful pair that will fit your hands!

Design Aspects to look for in secateurs

Replacing and repairing parts

A pair of quality secateurs will need to be a pair that can have parts replaced and repaired. Imagine owning a car that you couldn’t buy new parts for! It wouldn’t be much use. The same goes for quality secateurs.

Ergonomic hold

A lot about choosing the right pair of secateurs for you and your gardening style will be about how they feel in your hand and how they move while you are using them in your garden. If your fingers and wrist start to ache within a few minutes, they are not the secateurs for you.


Along with being able to purchase spare parts fro your secateurs, you will need to think about how you are planning to service your secateurs. If you are investing in a quality pair of secateurs, then you can’t just throw them away when the cutting blade is blunt, or if you lose the spring! If you are looking for someone to give your quality pair of secateurs a bit of TLC, then the people to ask are your local garden machinery centre. If you are swayed towards a pair of Felco secateurs, then you can send them away to be serviced. The quality of the service that Felco provide to owners of their secateurs is second to none and is almost a reason to choose the Felco secateurs by itself.

How much do a pair of quality secateurs cost?

In our list of top ten best secateurs to buy in 2017, we have featured secateurs from a few pounds to over one hundred pounds. Somewhere in the middle is a very happy place to be for a quality pair of secateurs. As we have said before, we have linked to what we think are the best current prices for the secateurs in our top ten list; we did see prices that were almost double the prices we have linked to. Remember that a decent pair of secateurs should last a very long time; they are well worth spending decent money on.

… and finally!

Choosing a quality pair of secateurs might look like a minefield, but all you need to do is break the problem down. 1) What do you need the secateurs for, and 2) what is your budget.

We hope that our top ten list of the best secateurs to buy in 2017 has helped you to pick out a pair that will be the best choice for you.


Have we missed a pair of quality secateurs that you would have featured? Let us know! Likewise if you are looking for gardening tips you have came to the right place.


Happy gardening

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