Best Petrol Lawn Mowers 2018 Review

Petrol Lawn mowers Buyers Guide

This guide will outline the most important features to look for when choosing the most suitable petrol lawn mower for your circumstances. This comparison table shows the 10 most popular petrol lawn mowers currently for sale on Amazon in the UK. To skip straight to the buyers guide click here.

Best Petrol Lawn Mowers 2018

Here is a table of GoTo4Gardening’s selection of the best petrol lawn mowers available in the UK in 2018. Scroll down for pictures and more detailed product descriptions and reviews.

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Best Petrol Lawn Mower 2018 for Medium to Large Sized Lawns – Frisky Fox PLUS 20″ 5.5hp Self Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower

Although not a household name yet the Frisky Fox petrol lawn mower is becoming increasingly popular and it is easy to see why.  This mower features a single lever height adjuster, mulcher, lawn striper, speed controllable self propulsion and a large 55 litre grass catcher. I doubt you will find better for £240.00! I wouldn’t recommend this lawn mower for small gardens as it is quite heavy (38kg), however for medium or large gardens this mower is ideal, and it is very easy to assemble.

Best Petrol Lawn Mower 2018 for Medium Sized Gardens – Hyundai HYM43SP 139 cc Self-Propelled Rotary Petrol Lawn Mower

Weighing in at only 26kg this is a fantastic self propelled petrol lawn mower for medium sized gardens. Featuring a central height adjuster, padded handle and 139cc engine this mower tops our best petrol lawn mower 2018 for medium sized gardens category.

Best Lightweight Petrol Lawn Mower for Small Gardens – Hyundai 16 inch/40 cm, 99cc Petrol Push Rotary Lawn Mower 

Weighing it at under 19kg and priced at £115.00 this is a great petrol lawn mower for small gardens. It features a 4 stroke petrol engine which gives off less smoke and noise than the traditional 2 stroke engines. We like the soft grip handle which can also fold down for easy storage. Hyundai also give a 3 year warranty – so what are you waiting for – buy this lovely machine now!

Best Solid Petrol Lawn Mower for Small Gardens – McCulloch M40-110 Classic 110 cc – 40 cm Petrol Rotary Lawnmower

You will usually pay a bit more for this McCulloch mower than for the Hyundai, but you are paying for a powder coated steel chasis rather than the Hyundai’s polypropylene one and the slightly bigger engine. This does make the McCulloch a bit heavier – 24kg – but with the weight comes more power and durability. If you’ve got a small garden and you have no physical issues then we recommend this petrol lawn mower. Another advantage of the McCulloch mower is that it comes fully assembled.

Best Luxury Petrol Lawn Mower 2018 for Large Gardens – Hayter Harrier-48 19-inch Rear Roller Self Propelled Electric Start Petrol Lawnmower

If you’ve got a large lawn which you enjoy looking after and take pride in its appearance then this petrol lawn mower is for you. A Hayter lawn mower will give you many years of reliable and enjoyable lawn mowing. This modern mower will give your lawn a lovely striped finish with its two piece ribbed rear roller. The height is easily adjusted with a single lever, and the mower also has an electric key start. You can use this mower with or without its large grassbag, and you can also use it for gathering leave off your lawn in the autumn. Another nice feature is that the die-cast aluminium deck extends beyond the wheel base making mowing round borders easier.

Best Petrol Lawn Mower for Large Gardens –Honda Izy HRG 466 SK 4-Wheel Self Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower

Honda petrol lawn mowers are solid machines and the choice of many professional gardeners. This mowers large self propelled engine will make light work of big lawns. There is also a piece of heavy duty rubber behind the rear wheels which will give your lawn the desirable striped look. Honda’s intelligent blade design, meanwhile, means if the blade hits an obstacle, it will twist rather than break, making the HRG 466 SK more reliable and easier to service.

Best Budget Self Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower 2018 for Large Lawns – Murray EQ500 18″ Self Propelled Rotary Petrol Lawn Mower with Briggs & Stratton 500E Series Petrol Engine

Being self propelled and having an 18″ cutting width, this mower is suitable for large lawns. It has an easily adjustable cutting height ranging from 28 mm to 92 mm in 6 positions and a large 6o litre grassbag.

Best Petrol Lawn Mower 2018 for Longevity – Draper Expert 37996 135cc (3.2HP) 460mm Petrol Mower

If you buy this Draper petrol lawn mower you will be making a good investment. The build quality is brilliant featuring a steel chasis and weighing in at only 32kg. Although not self propelled, the 46cm cutting width makes this mower suitable for larger non-sloping gardens too.

Best Air Cushion Petrol Lawn Mower 2018 – Flymo Petrol Power Air Cushion Mower – Honda 160 cc Engine

You will have all the advantages of the “hover mower” usually associated with electric cable mower, plus the added power and reach of a petrol engine. This air cushion petrol lawn mower will make light work of uneven and sloping lawns. Just remember hover mowers do not have wheels so you will have to carry it to your lawn.

Best Petrol Lawn Mower 2018 if you want your lawn to look like a bowling green!! – Professional Thermal Cylinder Lawnmower Self Propelled Masport Honda GX160-66 cm

We couldn’t resist including this machine in our top 10 petrol lawn mower list. This mower is for the professional and is a cylinder mower of the highest quality which will give your lawn a bowling green or putting green finish.

How to choose the Best Petrol Lawn mower for You

Which petrol lawnmower works best for you will depend on three main factors, a)what type of lawn you will be mowing and b)what type of finish you want and finally c) your own physique. With these three points in mind, you will be able to consider the  following:

  • Do I need a self propelled petrol lawn mower – and if so should it be fixed or variable speed self propulsion?
  • What “cut height” do I need – do I want variable cut heights?
  • What blade size do I need – the wider the blade the less passes you will have to make with your petrol lawn mower – useful for bigger gardens. Likewise a larger grass bag is better for larger lawns.
  • The weight and size of the petrol lawn mower are important to consider – handle height is important to consider if you are taller than average you will want a 107cm-110cm height

In this Buyers Guide to Petrol Lawn mowers, we will now review the main features listed above plus some additional useful if not essential features to look out for when buying your petrol lawn mower.

Self-propelled petrol lawn mower

Self propulsion makes using a petrol lawn mower much easier – essentially it means that once your petrol lawn mower starts, it will slowly move forward on its own power and you as the operator simply follow behind holding the handle and controlling its direction. For most people with larger, undulating or steeply sloping lawns this feature is a must. Even if you have a smaller lawn, remember that petrol lawn mowers are generally heavier than their electric counterparts and self propulsion will make mowing your lawn a much easier and more enjoyable task unless you want to build your muscles!

Most self propelled petrol lawn mowers are fixed speed rear wheel drive. You can however buy variable speed mowers which are useful if you’d like to get your lawn mowed quicker – and you can keep up with it! There are also four wheel drive self propelled petrol lawn mowers available, but if you want one of these you may consider buying a tractor mower!

Cutting Height of My Petrol Lawn Mower

The most basic models of petrol lawn mower have a fixed cutting height which will suffice if you aren’t too fussy about your lawn’s finish. If you want more control on your lawn’s appearance, or would like to cut different areas to different heights then choose an adjustable height mower. Nowadays most petrol lawn mowers come with adjustable height settings, so the thing to look out for is how easy it is to actually use this feature. The most basic height adjustment will be axel adjustment where you need to physically remove your mowers wheels. Most Petrol lawn mowers use a “lever system” for height adjustment where one lever to adjust all four wheels at once is the easiest and 4 separate levers for the 4 wheels is the most difficult. Some newer models feature a dial height adjustment system.

Blade Size for my Petrol Lawn Mower

The larger your lawn the larger your petrol lawn mower blade size should be as this will decrease the number of passes you need to make to mow your lawn. If you have a large lawn look for a blade size of 50cm or more for a small lawn a blade size of around 40cm is suitable.

The Weight and Height of my Petrol Lawn Mower

Petrol lawn mowers range in weight from approximately 30kg to 45kg (Compare this to electric lawn mowers where they can weigh as little as 13kg!). Generally the more powerful feature rich petrol lawn mowers will be heavier and will need more strength to handle properly.

The handle height of most petrol lawn mowers is about 100cm which is fine for most people. If you are taller and don’t want to hurt your back bending down too much then choose a model with a higher handle height. Some models come with adjustable bar heights.


Useful if not essential extras to look out for when buying a petrol lawn mower

  • Mulching – This useful extra gives the option to cut the grass clippings into smaller particles and sprinkle them across the lawn as a fertilising mulch
  • Padded Handle – Makes pushing your mower more comfortable – remember petrol lawn mowers are heavy beasts!
  • Key start – also known as electric start – an added convenience for those uncomfortable with starter pull cords.
  • Folding Handle – Takes up less room when storing your petrol lawn mower
  • Roller – If you want a lovely striped finish on your lawn instead of choosing a mower with 4 wheels get one with 2 front wheels and a roller at the back.

Buying petrol lawn mowers online

Nowadays many gardeners choose to buy their petrol lawn mower (and most of their other gardening gear) online. The benefits of buying online vastly out weigh not being able to physically see and feel what you are buying. Using comparison tables like the one above; you are fully equipped to make an informed decision about which is the most suitable petrol lawn mower for your needs. The lawn mower will be delivered direct to your door avoiding all the transport hassle associated with schlepping a large bulky item home from the shop. Buying online you are usually also more likely to pay less for your petrol lawn mower and if you use a reputable online company such as Amazon, they should be well equipped for managing any problems or return issues should they occur.

Petrol lawnmower maintenance

When you choose your petrol lawnmower, the chances are you will own it for many years to come. Make sure the brand of petrol lawnmower you are buying sells parts and investigate whether there is a local dealer or garden machinery centre who can service your petrol lawnmower. Many places will be able to pick up and drop back your petrol lawnmower too, so do your research before buying. It’s always worth asking your local centres about different brands and models in case they have any words of wisdom about the ease and cost of servicing your petrol lawnmower.

Petrol lawnmowers for tall and short gardeners

This is an issue that many people neglect to think about when they are looking to purchase a petrol lawnmower. Have a look at the online descriptions and see how long the handles extend to and their minimum and maximum heights. No one is average, so find out which petrol lawnmower will fit with your height!

Design Aspects to Look for in A Petrol Lawnmower

If you are serious about choosing the best petrol lawnmower for your garden, then you will need to think about several different design aspects that the manufacturers build into their petrol lawnmowers:

  • Size of mower
  • Size of clipping bag
  • Variety of cutting settings
  • Mulching abilities
  • Handle height
  • Self-propelling (or not)
  • … and many more

How much do Good petrol lawnmowers Cost

As with much of life, the answer to this question is a combination of ‘how long is a piece of string’ and ‘you get what you pay for’. If you want a hard-wearing, durable petrol lawnmower that does everything (include making pots of tea …) then you will need a bigger budget than one with a few settings that is designed for medium sized gardens. In general, though, if you want to purchase a reasonable petrol lawnmower then you need to be thinking of starting your search at around £250-300. The more ‘all-singing, all-dancing” petrol lawnmowers can be up to and over £1000. If your garden requires a top-of-the-range petrol lawnmower, then it will be well worth your time and money to buy a quality machine.

And finally ….

A beautiful petrol lawnmower is an item of beauty. It is not just a tool, it is a trusted friend, and a quality petrol lawnmower can be something to be handing down as an inheritance! Finding your perfect petrol lawnmower is not a task to take lightly. We hope that this petrol lawn mower buyers guide was helpful. Remember that there is no such thing as a perfect petrol lawnmower, each one is built for a specific situation or range of situations.

Have we missed a mower? Let us know!

Likewise if you are looking for gardening tips you have came to the right place.

Happy mowing!
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